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Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

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    Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    We finally booked our honeymoon to Italy.  It was seriously the hardest part of wedding planning thus far for me.  I was so afraid of making the wrong decision but finally we just decided to pull the trigger and book the plane tickets.  I have all of the hotels reserved through Leading Hotels of the World but we can still make changes to that if need be.   

    We are starting in Rome and staying there for 4 nights, spending 5 nights in Positano and then our final 3 nights in Capri.

    We have done soooooo much research for this trip so if anyone is considering Italy for a honeymoon I would be happy to share what I have learned.  Thank you to Jasmine for suggesting the Rick Steve's book.  My sister bought it for me for Christmas and it is excellent.   

    Now we just have to wait 5 months!
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    hooray--have fun Summer!  I'm sure you will find it to be a beautiful and relaxing trip.  :)   Let me know if you have any questions, but sounds like you have it figured out.  Highlights for us included the paper museum in Amalfi (but we are a couple nerds, so don't know if that generalizes), and hiking both on Capri and in Amalfi.  And I would try to take a day trip to see some of the ancient ruins either at Pompeii or Paestum, especially if you haven't seen anything like it before.  If you are taking the train from Rome to Sorrento (via Naples), then Pompeii is a very easy stop along the way.  From Sorrento, you could continue to Positano by bus or boat or private hired car.

    Remember your sunglasses and sunblock!  :)
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    Summer if you are going to go to the Vatican, get a tour it is well worth the money.  I did the Vatican the first time as a study abroad student on my own with a book.  I did it the second time on my honeymoon with DH and he ahd never been there.  The tour was fabulous, and make sure you get one that has the walky-talky type thing where the tour guide has a microphone and you wear a receiver with an ear piece.  The musuems are so crowded that I think this is becoming the standard, but it is great because you don't have to be right on top of your tour guide to hear all the good stuff, and you don't hear as much of the other tours going on.

    Another thing that I liked (and was surprised about liking it) was we did the open tour bus thing where you hopped on and off the bus. We did this the first full day that we were there, and we were still a bit jet lagged.  We got a great overview of the city and some history (again you plug your headphones into the bus to hear in your native language) and it helps you plot what you want to see, and you can hop on and off the bus for 24 hours, it saved us a metro card for a day.  I think the tourist pass for the metro was 3 days and we were there for 4.

    We drink a lot of water so we bought a huge bottle of water from a store and kept refilling it at the various public fountains (there are ones that are for drinking) and the water has a high mineral content but it didn't bother us.

    Take comfy shoes, we walked everywhere it is amazing how much I enjoyed walking there and really don't like it here.  My other two cities were Florence and Venice so I don't have anything else to offer other than to say you will love it and have fun.

    I almost forgot, you can have wine shipped back to you if you like.  We did a wine tasting in Florence and had 12 bottles shipped to us here in the States.  I took a business card with me and had them send it to work (I knew ahead of time that this was ok).  It was wonderful but I would becareful if your honeymoon is in the summer as it is my understanding that the cargo shipments that are used to send the wine are not climate controled so it could affect your wine.  We went in April and it was still cool and didn't have a problem.

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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    Tours are a good idea.  We downloaded the Rick Steve audio tours to our iPods before we left and found them to be fantastic for the Rome sites.  We definitely used them in the Sistene Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Colosseum.  Best part is that they are free and you can move at your own pace (i.e. listen to more or less of them depending on your interest).  :)
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    Summer - We're planning on going to Italy for our honeymoon as well, probably in October.  I have no idea where to start so any insight would be great!  Thanks!
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    read this post:
    for some more background on the conversation about Italy that we've had on this board.  Sounds like SUmmer has a great trip planned!  My husband & I honeymooned last Spring in Italy (Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Siena, Venice, Milan), so let me know if you have questions about any of those.  As I told Summer, I think the Rick Steves guidebook is the best starting point.  :)

    I'm sure Summer will have more to say about Positano and Capri.  We visited those, but didn't spend the night there, so she will have different insight. 
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    Tingli - lucky for you, October will be much cheaper!!  Italy, and the Amalfi Coast specifically, are very expensive in the summer.  I think the most important thing to do is to determine what type of honeymoon you want and then you can decide where to go. 

    My fiance and I wanted to do some sightseeing but we also wanted to relax and enjoy some pool/"beach" time.  This is why we decided to do Rome for 4 nights at the beginning of our trip.  We have both been to Rome but I went about 10 years ago and FI was just there for a day on a cruise with his parents 5 years ago.  There is so much to do in Rome so I know that we will have no problem finding tons of things to do that neither of us has seen.  

    We felt that the Amalfi Coast and Capri were our best best for sun and relaxation for later in our trip.  There are also plenty of sites to see on the coast too so we can have a mix of the two.  I know that some people say to stay in Sorrento as a base because it is a bigger city and the transportation connections are better but we opted not to do this.  I really wanted to stay in a smaller town where we could still get around but also still spend a few days at the hotel pool and/or on the beach.  Positano looks perfect for what we want and I am so excited that we are going to stay there for 5 nights.  

    I think that you also need to decide how much moving around you are willing to do.  We knew that we did not want to pack up our bags and move around too much so we chose to limit it to 3 hotels.  My FI and I travel quite a bit so we don't have any fear that we will never get back to Italy and thus we did not feel it was important to see everything all at once.   

    Let me know if you decide to go to any of the places that we are staying.  I think we searched to the end of the Internet to find great hotels.  I have literally spent hours researching and reading reviews - more so for Positano/Capri than Rome.  Let me know if I can be any help!    
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    I love Italy!  Very jealous!  I am trying to convince FI to go to Italy for our Honeymoon but he wants to got the Caribbean....I'm not convinced yet.  Small towns in Italy really show you the culture and lifestyles of the Italians. I lived in a small city in Tuscany for 3 weeks and the locals really embrace the tourists much more that we found in our visits to Florence or Rome.  
    Enjoy it!
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    You are in for a real treat.  Remember to slow down and enjoy your surroundings once you are in Positano.  Life here should be relaxed.  
    The charm of this town is the steps that lead you up and through town.  Take a moment to catch your breath, look at the twinkling lights of the town at night, and steal a kiss.  
    I don't know where you are staying but La Fenice is one of my favorite hotels/B&B's in town.  The owners are divine and the location is heaven.  It's just to the east of town center, a 10 minute walk to spiaggia grande, with a salt water pool nestled in the cliffside with a charming waterfall that compliments the real waterfall just behind the private beach of the hotel.  At night you fall asleep to the sound of the surf and trickle of the waterfall.  It doesn't get any better than this.  
    Also check out Lucibello boats and take a private boat for the day.  Let your toes dangle in the cobalt blue water, take a swim in the grotto, go to capri for lunch, and do lots of nothing.  Be romantic, enjoy each other, enjoy Positano!  
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    Summer--i don't think you need to book before you leave, but book the Capri boat trip ASAP upon arrival.  We weren't able to do it, because it was all booked up when we wanted tried to book it on the day of our trip to Capri.  I think we might have been OK if we had booked first thing in the morning for an afternoon trip, but we tried to book in the afternoon, and it didn't work out.  

    We were able to rent a motor boat on Positano without prior reservations.

    Beware of jellyfish--ask if it is safe to swim that day before entering the water, and look for jelly fish.  No one was swimming on the day we spent in Positano, b/c there was a major jellyfish issue.

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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    Summer - sounds fantastic!!  DH and I went to Rome, Tuscany, and Venice last year for our honeymoon and LOVED it.  I would love to go back and do the Positano area - it looks gorgeous.

    As Wendy mentioned, in Rome there are potable (safe) water fountains EVERYWHERE!  It was so nice to not have to constantly buy bottles of water.

    One note about when you first arrived - we ended up requiring lots of sleep due to jetlag.  We would get up relatively early, but then always had to come back for a nap every afternoon.  It didn't get in the way of our sightseeing, though.

    Ask locals or do some research on restaurants to eat at before you go.  All of the "visible" restaurants (e.g. near the sights) are very touristy and expensive.  We were disappointed with the food in Rome for that reason.  Next time we would be more proactive in finding places to eat.  However, there is pizza everywhere and that was mostly delicious!!  Varied widely in price, though - a slice of prosciutto pizza in our neighborhood was twice as much as one down the road.  But you'll figure that out as you walk around.

    We didn't stay at hotels (we rented little apartments) so we didn't have the benefit of a concierge to ask questions.  Check in with yours regarding sights you plan to visit - St. Peter's Basilica was closed on the day we tried to visit, so we didn't get to go in.  If we had known we would have gone a different day.

    Have fun!!! We constantly talk about wanting to go back!!
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    We still haven't booked our honeymoon.  the rick steve's book is great!  but super overwhelming.  after a lot of research here is the itinerary we're thinking of.  any thoughts?

    Venice - 3 nights
    Florence - 4 nights
    Positano or Sorrento - 3 nights
    Rome - 4 nights

    Any ideas on whether we should stay in Positano or Sorrento?

    Any feedback would be appreciated! 
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    I would vote that you should stay in Sorrento, and visit Positano as a day trip.  But it really depends on what you are looking for.  Positano is very picturesque but it is also a very small town and rather quiet.  We thought we might get a little bored there, after we saw it.  Sorrento is slightly larger (though by no means a metropolis), so there is a bit more to do (more touristy shops, restaurants, bars, things going on...).  Also, Sorrento has more options for transportation connections both along the coast and to Capri.  It is easier to get to (since it is right on the Circumvesuviana train line), and easier to go from there to other places.  Lastly, I think you will pay slightly less for the same quality hotel in Sorrento than you would in Positano.  So that's my vote!  Don't skip Positano, but rather make it a day trip.  

    ...Summer will have a different perspective.  I think she was looking for a quieter few days right on the beach, which would make Positano a great choice, but she can chime in.

    If I were you, I would reduce Rome to 3 nights and spend 4 nights on the Amalfi Coast, unless you are super attached to seeing every last site in Rome.  Rome is very hectic and kind of less romantic in my opinion.  The Vatican and Colosseum are amazing, and there are beautiful sites to see on a stroll through the city (Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps), but it just wasn't as relaxing as Amalfi.  Depends what interests you on vacation though.  If you are not much into hiking/boating/beach time, and more of city people, then keep it the way it is.

    While you are in Florence, definitely try to make a day trip to see the Tuscan countryside.  We did a bike and winery tour which was stunning and I'm so glad we got to see that part of Italy.

    I think you have a great itinerary there.  Enjoy!

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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    p.s. here was our hotel list:
    cute, simple, clean, very well located near Colosseum and subway, and well priced.  Really did the trick for us, but we only spent a few nights in Rome.  Not fancy, but friendly.

    loved it, super romantic, beautiful pool, lobby, and rooms.  this was our splurge and it was worth it.  well located for easy access to all the shops and restaurants, the ferry port and the train station and the buses.

    we had a really spacious room and it was very comfortable, clean and well-maintained.  the proprietor was very friendly.

    Beautiful rooms with amazing canal views and lovely Venetian style decor; very well located for the tourist sites.  the guy working the desk the weekend we were there wasn't very friendly though.  Wasn't a big deal, but after everyone at all the other hotels was so SUPER friendly and helpful, it kind of stood out.

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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    We got back from our honeymoon on Sunday night.  Italy was awesome and I highly recommend all of the places that we went.  Our itinerary was perfect for us and allowed us the right amount of sightseeing and TONS of relaxing at the pool, "beach" and on the water. 

    If you have any questions or need recommendations let me know!

    Here are just a few pictures.  My husband took the good ones with his SLR camera but I don't have those so these will have to do!

    View from our room in Positano.  We LOVED Positano. 

    and a few from Capri

    View from our room in Capri:

    Beach Club in Capri:

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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    Wow, Summer, what gorgeous photos! I'm so glad you and DH had a wonderful time in Italy. 

    Now I'm desperate to go back!!
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    Re: Honeymoon finally booked - Italy

    *swoon* oh I am sooo jealous!