Vermont Honeymoon Ideas?

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    Vermont Honeymoon Ideas?

    Hi Ladies,

       My FI and I are looking to stay around this area for our honeymoon and I am wondering if anyone has any sugestions for lodging in Vermont. I'm partial to B&Bs so I'm definetly looking for something with that type of atmosphere. Also, any place that has a honeymoon package is a plus! Any ideas?

    I've found cute B&B in Wlimington, VT called The White House Inn - this might give you an idea on what I'm looking for (but I don't want to rule any place out yet!). Thanks ladies!!!Smile

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    Re: Vermont Honeymoon Ideas?

    Hi Sarah - My FI and I are thinking of doing the same thing for our honeymoon. Although, we haven’t decided yet between Vermont or the Adirondacks. One Inn/Resort we’re particularly interested in is the Woodstock Inn & Resort in Woodstock, VT.  If I remember correctly, it was featured on Chronicle sometime last year. Anyways, we’ve never stayed at the Inn but we were in Woodstock last fall and we passed by it while walking in the downtown area and it looked beautiful during that time of year. Hope this might help! 

    By the way - I just checked out the website for the White House Inn and it’s absolutely lovely! We may look into this as a potential honeymoon spot as well!

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    Re: Vermont Honeymoon Ideas?

    How about the Inn at Clearwater Pond in Quechee Vermont?  I attended a wedding there and thought it was lovely.  Guest at the wedding who stayed there really loved it. (I stayed at friend's house.)  It is in a terrific location with plenty to do close by.  Good luck with your planning.
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    Re: Vermont Honeymoon Ideas?

    Ideas for areas: 
    Quechee has the Simon Pierce Glass blowing shop with a wonderful restaurant attached. 

    Burlington has a lot to offer, as well as Stowe. Burlington has lake champlain and Church street with lots of restaurants and shops. There are lots of B&B's in stowe. Burlington has some B&B's too.   Burlington has The Lang House and the Willard Street Inn. 
    THe Inn at Shelburne (shelburne not far from burlington) Farms is very inn like, no tvs, and lots to do at the farm too.   

    I used to live in VT so any other questions just ask.