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3/20/2010 Vendor Reviews

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    3/20/2010 Vendor Reviews

    Hi all,

    I never post on these discussion boards but I found them to be immensely helpful for planning my wedding so I wanted to help others, if possible. I did a LOT of background planning and research, which is what I think helped to contribute to what I consider was a perfect day - I highly recommend all of my vendors and I know I picked the right ones based on a a lot of the help I got from reading the message boards!

    Ceremony/Reception: Zorvino Vineyards  (Sandown, NH) : A+
    Zorvino Vineyards is really a tucked away gem  about an hour north of Boston that not many people know about. I didn't even consider it until one of our friends urged us to check it out. As soon as we first visited we knew we had found our place - the venue is gorgeous, it is all wood inside with beams, a fireplace, etc. We had a fire going during our ceremony and I can't wait to see the pictures! Rue, our wedding coordinator, was fabulous and has extensive experience in this business so was great at making sure we had the right information for our planning. They were very flexible and easygoing, and were great in answering all of our questions. We got so many compliments from our guests on our reception choice and I highly recommend this venue. The service and food and wine, drinks, etc were all fantastic! I looked at about 25-30 venues and I know we picked the right one, I am so happy with our choice.

    Cake: Chickadee Hill Cakes  (Sandown, NH): A
    The cake was included in our Zorvino package, which made everything so easy for us. We just had to do our cake tasting (which was lots of fun), select our flavors, complete a couple of other details, and we were good! Shara from Chickadee Hill is so pleasant and I loved our cake - we had a 4 tiered cake with 3 different flavors and I think our guests were appreciative of having some choice in flavor. I  didn't have much time to eat because I was dancing, but the slice of cake I did have was superb!

    Photographer: Erica Ferrone Photography (Medford, MA): A+
    Erica is such a joy to work with, she has a lot of fun in her job and is clearly so passionate about her work. We had tons of fun during our engagement shoot and then at the wedding - Erica is always good about finding new and creative ways to take pictures. She has already shown us a few peeks and the pictures so far are beautiful (it also helped that we had a 70 degree, sunny day in MARCH for our wedding - unbelievable!). Her second shooter for the day, Kim, was fabulous as well, and I really have all the confidence in the two of them for wonderful pictures, I can't wait to see them all.

    DJ: Scott Arrington, Murray Hill Talent (Malden, MA): A
    I really liked Scott, he is a cool guy and was easy to work with. He and the whole Murray Hill Team are very professional - they also were the DJ vendor for my sister's wedding this past August and both times my family was very impressed! Scott was on top of all the details, and was good about taking time the week prior to the wedding to review the music plan. I didn't worry about a thing with Scott and trusted his judgement on the music choice - and he delivered! The guests were definitely out on the dance floor and I think everyone really enjoyed the choice in music, there was a good variety. I highly recommend him!

    Florist: Lyndsey Loring Design (Dover, NH): A
    I had read all great reviews about Lyndsey prior to meeting her, so was pretty sure I would book her even before I met with her! She had some great ideas for flowers that worked with my budget and color scheme, and I liked that we did something a little less traditional (white and green mums, they looked really cool).  The flowers were all great quality and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out, they definitely met my expectations. Lyndsey was also really flexible and was able to adjust my package when I made some changes, I was appreciative of that.

    Transportation: First Student Buses (Middlesex, MA): A+
    I was a little wary of using school buses as opposed to a charter bus company but man did they prove me wrong! They were so organized and on top of the details, sending me updated invoices with changes, etc. Everything went so smoothly the day of the wedding and the second bus waited an extra half hour at the end of the night so that my husband and I could go back on the bus. This company was wonderful and was inexpensive as well - I know there are a lot of First Students companies/locations in the area, so hopefully they are all as great as the one we used!

    Hotel: Fairfield Inn (Amesbury, MA): A+
    The rooms were clean, modern and spacious, and the rate was affordable, which I think was an advantage for our guests. Renee, the assistant manager, was WONDERFUL. She helped us to figure out which guests had booked, etc so we could help plan the welcome bags. She was always happy to help us out and I was really impressed with how well the hotel worked out. This hotel is also located near Newburyport, Portsmouth and the beach, which is a great draw for those guests visiting from out of town. Our guests definitely took advantage of the area and I am glad we chose this hotel.

    Dress: Flair Bridesmaids (Boston, MA): A
    I chose a Jenny Yoo dress and ordered it from Flair after trying on a ton of dresses (and even going to the Jenny Yoo store when I was visiting NYC one weekend). The girls at Flair were pleasant and made everything so easy, and I happened to purchase my dress during a Jenny Yoo sale so it was nice they let me know the best dates to purchase my dress to get a discount. My dress came in just as I'd ordered, and earlier than I was told it would come in so I was very happy.

    Alterations: Chris O'Hare (Quincy, MA): A+
    Chris is a wonderful lady and I enjoyed my fitting appointments, and would be chatting with her! She really is so sweet and great at what she does. She works out of her home so her prices are amazing - I had straps added to my gown and had the normal ( length, bust, etc) alterations for less than $100, I couldn't believe it. I was slightly nervous because her place is a bit on the messy side, and my dress got wrinkled a bit, but I just got it pressed afterwards and I was good to go. I plan on going back to her for any other alterations I need.

    Bridesmaid Dresses: JCrew: A
    The dresses were great - so classy, and the whole process for ordering was so easy since it was JCrew. Dresses came within 2 weeks which is a huge plus, and they always have sales/free shipping promotions which are a bonus if your bridesmaids are paying. I think ordering dresses through JCrew worked out really well for my bridal party of 7 .

    Suits: Russo's Tux (Stoneham, MA): A
    Our group of friends has used Russo's in the past for their weddings, so that made it really easy (a lot of the groomsmen had rented tuxes there before so their measurements were already in the system). The suits we chose were reasonably priced to rent and seemed to be of good quality - yet another easy vendor to work with, we were very happy.

    Jeweler: Barmakian Jeweler's (Nashua, NH): A+
    We like Barmakian and think they have a great selection and quality of offerings. I would have given them an A but they get a plus for outstanding service - when we went to pick up our bands the week of our wedding we didn't realize the store closed at 5pm on Saturday's (shame on us for not checking hours). We showed up a few minutes after 5pm and they let us in to pick up our bands, that was really nice of them and demonstrates their commitment to service and keeping their customers happy. I was impressed (and very happy we didn't have to make a return trip from MA again to pick them up some other day).

    Invitations: PaperSource (Boston, MA): A
    We printed all of our own invitations and had help from a friend in designing them. Papersource has great quality paper and a nice selection, plus tips/guides on DIY invitations, programs, etc. It was nice to have the flexibility of planning and also being able to save a bit on cost.

    Rehearsal Dinner: Leo's SuperBowl/Sal's Pizza (Amesbury, MA): A
    We had a great time bowling the night before our wedding and I think it was nice to have something a little different than the traditional rehearsal dinner. We had bowling and appetizers early in the night and then dinner from Sal's that is connected to the bowling alley, they had a decent catering menu with many selections to choose from. The food was good, they serve alcohol at the bowling alley, and I think all in all people had a great time.

    I hope I am not forgetting any vendors. Feel free to ask me any questions for further details, if you'd like! Good luck with planning, everyone :) It is stressful at times but will all come together and best wishes for a wonderful wedding day to you all!

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    Re: 3/20/2010 Vendor Reviews

    Sounds like a wonderful day!  We had done a cake tasting at Zorvino with Shara after we booked our venue and thought that place would have been perfect!  It's always nice to find a hidden jem. 
    Her cakes are so good - I still regret not booking her right away because we missed our chance to work with her.  Congrats on your wedding! 
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    Re: 3/20/2010 Vendor Reviews

    congrats on what sounds like an amazing day!
    we looked at Zorvinos too and were very impressed w/ the staff and grounds.