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5/16/2010 Vendor Reviews

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    5/16/2010 Vendor Reviews

    Well the wedding and honeymoon are sadly over. Everything was absolutely perfect and we had a wonderful time!

    Venue - Henderson House, Weston, MA A+
    Everything was excellent. Our guests loved the house and it was perfect for us because of the location and layout. We are not the dancing type and it was beautiful outside so we loved the fact that people were able to enjoy the nice weather on the patio rather than being stuck in a stuffy ballroom. Food was delicious and plentiful. The open bar was included in our set rate so there were no surprises.

    Music - Deborah Galiga  A
    We hired a pianist for the ceremony, cocktail hour, meal, and cake cutting. We found Deborah through the Berkelee website. She learned a few songs that we requested but didn't already know and was very helpful when we were unsure of exactly what we wanted. I was a little nervous because we only heard her play over the phone prior to the wedding, but she was wonderful and fulfilled all our requests perfectly.

    Cake - Icing on the Cake  A-
    This was the only bakery we visited because it was local and included in our contract with HH. The cake was delicious. My only complaint was that we paid to upgrade to a color icing and either they forgot or the color was so faint that it looked like they forgot. I haven't contacted them to see what happened so I can't comment on that yet. During the process, Paula was very easy to work with. We loved how the cake tasted and that we're able to enjoy our top layer now since they gave us a certificate for a free anniversary cake.

    Invitations - Maple Mountain Designs  C
    I wrote a post a couple months ago about the issue with our invitations. They arrived with some very noticeable defects and I was told that there was no time to get them completely redone by the date I needed to mail them. I think they could have done more, but at least we worked out a deal to get a discount and most of them redone. Even still, they never should have been sent out in the first place. The final product was beautiful and I couldn't find a similar design in that price range so I am happy that we went with them and do believe that the problem was just a fluke.

    Dress - Maggie Sottero Sandrina, purchased & altered at Helene's Bridal in E. Providence   A
    The bridal shop was great. I accidentally showed up without an appointment and they still took care of me on a busy Saturday morning. The woman helping me picked out my dress to try on first and it was definitely my favorite. It fit the style wedding perfectly. She stuck within my budget, even considering the cost of alterations. I had some pretty major alterations done and the price was more than reasonable. I think because of the location I saved a ton of money going here.

    Makeup- Make Up by Brea  A+
    Loved her. She is highly recommended on here and how I found her. Can't say anything more than she is AMAZING!

    Hair - Gina Joubert  A+
    I had a hard time finding someone to come to us early Sunday morning for a reasonable rate. Gina fit in the budget and was super quick and really did exactly what everyone asked for. We all wanted completely different styles and she perfected each one.

    Photographer - A+++
    For privacy reasons I don't feel comfortable putting her name here. I will say that she was fantastic the day of and the photos she posted on her blog are gorgeous. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. If you want the name, I will send a message with more information.

    Sorry this is so long! I hope this information helps someone :)

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    Re: 5/16/2010 Vendor Reviews

    Congratulations CiCi!  You certainly had a beautiful day for a wedding.  Best of luck to you and DH going forward!
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    Re: 5/16/2010 Vendor Reviews

    Congrats, cici!! So glad it was all awesome!
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    Re: 5/16/2010 Vendor Reviews

    Congrats Cici!  So glad you had a wonderful day!

    PS. I'd love to hear a review of your Hawaii honeymoon too!  That's where we want to go in the winter!
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    Re: 5/16/2010 Vendor Reviews

    Congrats on your wedding! I'm so excited you loved the Henderson House. We are getting married there in September and had some concerns about the food since I didn't love the stuff at the tasting. So happy you had a great day!!!

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    Re: 5/16/2010 Vendor Reviews

    sounds like you had an amazing day - congrats!!!

    a quick question though - did you have airbrush or reg makeup for your day w/ Brea??