7/31/09 Wedding Review!

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    Re: 7/31/09 Wedding Review!

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    Just curious; what did they tell you?  Did they say how long they expected it to take?  I'm trying to figure out when mine will be ready; I forgot to ask our Reverend when he planned on mailing it out.
    Posted by kmt09

    Here's an excerpt of John's email:
    Official copies of your Marriage License should be available in 7 to 10 days. You can apply for them by going down in person, via the internet if [town we filed in] has an application on line, or via snail mail
    if they provided you with a Marriage Certificate Application when you applied for the license. My experience is that the larger towns take a bit longer to produce official copies, while the small towns get it done relatively quickly.

    Kar, when I was re-reading my review before posting, I wondered if I was being too hard on some vendors. I think the grades are accurate, though. I definitely wouldn't recommend Flowers by Steve or Kymm Devlin, and only go to David's Bridal in Nashua if you need to save some $ and don't mind a hassle. I think the lower grades show that the vendors with high grades are that much better. Such is the dichotomy of life!

    I have to say that I appreciate the leeway that my bosses (who else loves reporting to multiple managers? It's not at all confusing or tension-inducing, is it?) are giving me this week. I'm in such a daze, but I don't have any work to do so they're just letting me go office to office and share wedding stories and read the internet!
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    Re: 7/31/09 Wedding Review!

    Thanks WPP!  I'm glad we went through a tiny town for ours!  :)
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    Re: 7/31/09 Wedding Review!

    Um, dual-reporting really stinks...at least they are in agreement in letting you have your special week "off!" :)

    Mm, that's why there's a ranking system - not everyone gets an A.  Being honest is by nature being fair.
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    Re: 7/31/09 Wedding Review!

    Congrats!! I keep hearing great things about Lindsay Lorring. So glad that you could take the time to post and share it with us!!!