Hi all sorry, forgot a few reviews!!!

Tux - Ultimate tux on Route 1 - A

They were great to work with, and made my grooms tux fit perfect - I love when they tailor the rentals!

Alterations - Best Fit - A+

I had gotten my dress at running of the brides and needed little alterations done - but where it needed to be taken in was around all the beading - they did a wonderful job! They have a skill for tailoring there! My bustle was beautiful and lasted all night!

Cleaner - Christo's in Brookline - A+
As mentioned my dress was from running of the brides so there was some "dirt" on the hem - the ladies at Best Fit recommended Christo's - it is a family business and they are so nice! My dress had pickups all in the back and he pressed my dress all individually to make sure it was perfect.

I think that's it, I hope this helps someone! Have fun planning you all!!! Wink