Blushing Brides - Recommendation

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    Blushing Brides - Recommendation

    Hey ladies,

    I got married June 27, 2009 - my old screenname was amschnittger, I recently changed it for privacy reasons.

    I just wanted to throw it out there that the girl who did my hair and makeup for my wedding, Grace Mahoney, has just started her own business called Blushing Brides and I wanted to let those who are planning know that where she is just starting out, she may be offering some killer deals. She did a beautiful job on me and all my bridesmaids and my mom at my wedding - plus she's really fun. :-)

    This is by no means a vendor post, and she did not ask me to post this - so don't attack me! You can look up my vendor reviews from my wedding and you'll see my original review of Grace there as well.

    You can find her on Facebook here.

    Hope everyone's planning is going great. :-)

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    Re: Blushing Brides - Recommendation

    Thanks!  I'll take a look at her website!  K