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Bridal Show

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    Bridal Show

    I am attending my first bridal show on Sunday with a few of my bridesmaids, who also have never been to one. Any advice/tips on what I should expect?
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    Re: Bridal Show

    I went to one when I first got engaged. I didn't find it very useful. The vendors were pushy and annoying and when I would go to get a business card they would keep me there for like 10 minutes talking to me about their business. I totally understand that is why they are there, but I felt very pressured. I think the worst were the DJ's and bands, man were they annoying!! One DJ pressured me so badly that I made an appointment to meet with him right there on the spot and had to email him to cancel. I get very nervous when I am pressured and he just wouldn't leave me alone until I made that appointment, even though I knew he wasn't the style I was looking for.

    Also, a lot of the hotels would talk badly about other venues. But, it is an interesting experience and you can get some good information if you don't mind being around a million people and getting asked the same question five thousand times! I.E. When is your wedding, do you have a ________ yet? Who is your______?, etc....

    Good luck! :)

    I really hope I didn't scare you! Maybe it just wasn't for me.

    I did love looking at the flower samples though, even though I didn't end up going with a florist that was there.

    P.S. I should say that I am actually using a calligrapher that I found there, because she was very easygoing; just simply handed me her card and said, "good luck with your planning, look over my website and let me know if I can help." And that was perfect for me!

    What show are you going to?
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    Re: Bridal Show

    Hahahaha. Thank you for being honest! I am going to the Great Bridal Expo at the Westin in Boston on Sunday. I thought it would be a fun experience to share with the girls and get some ideas. I'm glad you got something out of the show! Hopefully I will too!
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    Re: Bridal Show

    I kind of agree with August Bride, i hate pushy vendors. When I went to a couple, i did get a lot of pens, and stuff like that, lol. I didn't win anything, but people did win some good stuff. There is safety in numbers, so just have your bridesmaids ready to pull you away form the pushy/won't shut up vendors. Don't bother entering the "contests" at the vendor booths- they just want your info to email or call you later. just take THEIR info if you are interested in them. ask any one who has entered the "contests"!!  but usually the place will have a main contest with some good prizes.