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Chantily Place, Lowell, MA - TWO THUMBS DOWN!!!!

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    Chantily Place, Lowell, MA - TWO THUMBS DOWN!!!!

    YellI highly warn brides and bridesmaids about this dress shop in Lowell.  My BMs ordered and picked up their dresses here, but the experience wasn't a good one at all. 

    First off, my jr. BM who is 12 years  old got the same dress as my other BMs.  The dress has boning in the chest and her mother and myself wanted it taken out.  Again, she is 12.  Well the worker at the shop said she couldn't take it out and instead they could put in cups and stuff her chest..  I was shocked.  She followed that up by saying what 12 year old wouldn't want that....  I couldn't even respond so I just stared at her with my mouth open b/c she wasn't kidding... 

    Customer service is horrible.  Each time I went into the store it took myself or one of my girls tracking down an employee to get service.  I'm talking after waiting around for about 10 to 15 minutes... 

    Dress for my MOH was supposed to be opposite colors as other bms meaning dress and sash were swapped.  Turns out they didn't have one of my colors though I was given the swatch from them and the dresses were ordered.  Had to switch my MOHs dress and have it same as other BMS which is fine.  Also the order for one of my sisters was taken wrong (we stood there and told her exactly what we wanted and when my sister was signing the paperwork I noticed the colors were swapped like I was doing for MOH). We caught the mistake and had to ask them to change the order on her dress to match all my other girls...  

    The sample dresses are marked with the wrong sizes. Three of my girls tried on the dress I picked and it fit them great, each only needed a hem.  When we picked up their dresses this weekend the 3 that only needed a hem, needed complete alterations.  Heard dress shops do this to make extra money on the alterations.  Well guess what we took our dresses elsewhere and they won't be making any more money off of us!!!

    These are just some of the experiences I had at this shop...  Just wanted to warn others about this place. 

    If you shopped here and had a good experience I am happy for you and for others just be warned....  Thanks.

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    Re: Chantily Place, Lowell, MA - TWO THUMBS DOWN!!!!

    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. Thank you for sharing your review.
    Just keep in mind to never ever trust the size on sample dresses. Sample dresses are usually stretched out from being tried on so many times. A good dress shop should always order from the size chart, not the sample size.

    But what they said about the boning doesn't sound right to me. I believe boning can be removed.
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    Re: Chantily Place, Lowell, MA - TWO THUMBS DOWN!!!!

    I also give them 2 thumbs down, and I was only in there for about 5 minutes. Not only were all of the dresses on display horrifically ugly and tacky, but there were at least 3-4 salespeople working inside, and not a SINGLE one said as much as hello to myself or my mom. We left pretty soon after walking in the door.