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Hair Vendors for Short Hair?

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    Hair Vendors for Short Hair?

    Hello ladies -

    I have a question about Hair vendors. I have short hair and I'm finding some of the hair prices pretty costly. Considering I have a short bob and will not be able to do an up do (Which I'm very much ok with). I will most likely have flowers on one side of my hair and I'm not even sure I'm going with a veil since doing flowers. Anyhow,  I just got a quote for $200 on wedding hair and $200 for a trial!!!! Yes, I typed that right. Anyhow, the woman looks to do a fantastic job, but that's crazy. How can I respond "tactfully" and ask if there is a short hair discount :o)

    And a note to any Hair folks that read our posts - PLEASE post pics of your short hair brides. We are out there!!!!

    One more comment to my story - if anyone can recommend a hair person near downtown or that will come to you (just for the bride). I am not having anyone else in my bridal party (except for my 60lb Boxer :o) - please let me know.

    Cathy :)
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    Re: Hair Vendors for Short Hair?

    I had a layered bob when I got married [longest layers were chin length].  I had a French Twist. If you get someone who is talented w/ styling hair [which is different than cutting], you can def. do an updo w/ a bob. 

    As for price differences, I doubt you are going to see it.  They still have to travel or spend 45 minutes doing your hair. If you are just having a blow out and a flower clipped in, maybe just go to a salon, have a shampoo and blow out the AM of and put the flower in yourself.  If they are coming to you, then you are going to pay a premium for their time and travel.  I just had my hair done. It cost $150 back in 2007 - that included travel and the hair trial.  She was great. I  can't remember her name [she was out of Framingham, but had a Boston salon; I got ready in Salem, MA], but if someone else posts it, I'm sure I will remember.  GL.
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    Re: Hair Vendors for Short Hair?

    I agree that if all you want is a blow out and some flowers put in, I'd go to a salon. Some blow-outs are more expensive than others. so if you can go with your current salon who you already trust, it's the safest bet.
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    Re: Hair Vendors for Short Hair?

    and if you really want to wear you hair up, I have an inverted bob and sometimes when I want to wear my hair up I style it swept back like so (the volume is a little exaggerated here, you can adjust the height pretty easily):

    or you can skip the height altogether and sweep it to the side: