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I had a WHOLE wedding under $10,000!

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    I had a WHOLE wedding under $10,000!

    Hi All,

    I never really posted here, but I wanted to share with you my wedding day. My husband and I had an entire wedding under $10,000. Yes, it can happen. We are both teachers, and worked very hard and saved and saved for our....honeymoon! We spent three weeks in Italy, France, and England! So, instead of a big, expensive wedding, we decided to splurge on our honeymoon. Here is how we did it:

    First of all we made a guest list and then made another and another. It was so hard cutting down to just 80 people, but we knew in order to pull it all off, we could not have more than 90. We invited 97 people, and ended up with 82 at our wedding! It was the perfect size, for us.

    Stow Acres Country Club- A+
    This is a very beautiful country club in Stow, MA. The club house is a bit on the smaller side, but the wrap around porch was perfect for the guests to hang out and talk while we were taking photographs. We opted out of open-bar, which saved a bundle, but the guests didn't mind. Cocktails there are reliatively cheap, I think about $3.50 for a beer and $4.50 for a glass of wine. Our room looked beautiful, and the food was great. We chose a chicken dish that was awesome. We only had 8 tables to the room looked a little "big", but they spread the tables out perfectly. The dance floor is huge, and the people who work there are great and are extremely attentive.
    Total cost of the venue= $5,000

    Keith Berry at A+
    Keith is AMAZING. He was such a pleasure to work with from the very beginning. He knew we had a very strict budget and was not judgmental at all, and never once tried to get us to upgrade, which I found some other photographers to do.
    What also attracted me to Keith was that his time was unlimited. My husband and I did some photos of just us before the ceremony, which was very special, and Keith never made us feel rushed. He was just so nice, so amazing, and really loves his work. We might upgrade and get an album, but have not decided yet. I highly him recommend anyone who is on a budget, you won't have to worry one bit, he is truly awesome!
    Total cost of photography= $1,995

    Davids Bridal, Natick B-/C+
    I was really nervous about getting my dress here due to all the horrible reviews I had heard about them, but I bit the bullet and went to the Natick store one night and had an awesome experience with Laina. She was very attentive. It was a random Tuesday night in November and barely anyone else was in the store,  she helped me try on about 15 dresses and I found the one that night.
    However, I had major beef with the alterations department. I should have known to have gone to another seamstress. My first fitting went OK, but the woman rushed me and was kind of rude, but I didn't say anything because I was all afraid of her ruining my dress! My second fitting I noticed she didn't sew in the padded bra like I had asked her too, and she had a major attitude with me. It all worked out in the end and my dress came out gorgeous, and I got compliments all night.
    Total cost of dress= $399 + alterations $175= $574

    I got my beautiful single layer elbow length veil on eBay! What a steal!
    Total cost of veil= $20

    Hair & Makeup
    I have long hair, so I decided to just use a curling iron and add some soft curls. It looked great! I also used my own makeup. It saved so much!
    Total cost= FREE!

    Husbands Tux
    Men's Wearhouse
    Hubby didn't actually wear a tux, he bought a navy blue blazer and wore a nice pair of khakis he already owned with a nice crisp white shirt and a navy and light blue looked great!
    Total cost of blazer= $150

    No DJ!
    We used our iPod on an iPod dock and it worked GREAT!! I was so worried about this, but hubby convinced me it would work, and everything was perfect. If you have the technology, I highly highly highly recommend it!
    Totaly cost of DJ= FREE!

    Stop & Shop
    We used Stop & Shop. We only got two bouquets (I only had a MOH) and four boutienneirs (sp?), and two corsages. I used all ivory roses to keep the costs down. My bouquet was one dozen ivory roses, MOH was half dozen ivory roses. They looked great. Simple yet elegant!
    Total cost of flowers= $200

    Christmas Tree Shop
    8 Glass Vases @$5 each
    8 navy blue candles @$7 each
    4 sacks of white pebbles @8 each
    Total cost= $128

    TOTAL COST OF WEDDING= $8,067!!!

    As a gift to my husband and I, his mother made our invitations and save-the-dates, so I don't know how much those cost.

    Anyway, I thought I would share with you, that you can have a beautiful wedding under $10,000! :)

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    Re: I had a WHOLE wedding under $10,000!

    emma143, that all sounds so amazing!  So great that everything worked out so nicely for you, and you enjoyed your day. 

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    Re: I had a WHOLE wedding under $10,000!

    Congratulations, Emma! I LOVE your dress, so pretty :) I am sorry you had problems with DB, but happy it all worked out in the end!
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    Re: I had a WHOLE wedding under $10,000!

    Congratulations!  Thanks for posting your success at staying within a very modest budget and still having a beautiful wedding and exciting honeymoon.  (And, I appreciate that you gave a grade other than some version of an A when they really deserved something less than "excellent.")

    P.S.  By the way, we also had only 80 people, and I feel your pain for keeping it small.  However, like you, we found it to be PERFECT in the end.
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    Re: I had a WHOLE wedding under $10,000!

    Finally, a bride who doesn't have to break the bank.
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    Re: I had a WHOLE wedding under $10,000!

    Thanks and congratulations!!  I do have to say, though, that I include the cost of my honeymoon as part of the total wedding cost.  I am sure that would push up your total quite a bit.  I don't mean to be negative, just sayin'.  I do appreciate your sharing!!
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    Re: I had a WHOLE wedding under $10,000!

    I went to a wonderful wedding at Stow Acres years ago -- glad to hear it's still great.  Congratulations!