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Limo Recommendations??

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    Limo Recommendations??

    Hi gals,
    Any of you have a great (and affordable) limo company you would like to recommend? I think we are just looking for 2 limos, nothing fancy, no stretch hummers or anything. I wouldn't be booking them until the fall, but I wanted to start researching fairly soon.
    TIA :)
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    Re: Limo Recommendations??

    Peonie, There is Extreme out of East Bridgewater that is great.  We used them Black friday for a dinner in Boston and the guy was awesome.  I got their name from Indian Pond and I'm using them for my wedding. Brewster Coach, I was talking to for trolleys but they have limos also.  That's all I can think of now but if I think of more I'll add them in.