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Limo Recommendations

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    Limo Recommendations

    I'm trying to figure out how to get my 6 bridesmaids, brother, parents and myself from my parents' house to the church for my wedding. A 10 passenger will be too small but I can't find anyone with a bigger limo. Most places have stretch SUV's but that's not what I want. The best thing I can figure out is either renting an antique car or sending my bridesmaids ahead in one trip and then my family and me in the second trip. I'd rather we all ride together though.

    Any recommendations?
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    Re: Limo Recommendations

    How many people?  Is it just your parents or his and yours?  If it is for 10 people, a 10 passenger Limo should be plenty.  We fit 8 people plus a flower girl in an 8 person limo and we had plenty of room. 

    I used Boston Chauffeur and they were excellent.  Competitive rates and very professional drivers.  The woman who handles the wedding reservations is awesome.  They have 12 passenger limos, if that helps.  Their rates are online.
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    Re: Limo Recommendations

    We used Lynette's Limousine (in Wilimington?) for my friend's bachelorette party and they were wonderful - clean limo, on time, very polite driver.  If we were going to use a limo for our wedding (which it's looking as though we won't), we'd definitely go with them.
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    Re: Limo Recommendations

    Do your parents and your brother need to be in the limo with you?  I would think they would take their own car.  Or you can have someone drive them. 

    We just used Real Sense Limo for a birthday night out and they were great.   The least expensive around, too.  Highly recommend.
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    Re: Limo Recommendations

    I agree with cos.  If you can't find a limo huge enough to accomodate everyone you'd like to have in it, it isn't a disaster for the parents and brother to ride together in their own vehicle.  In fact, the parents are seated quite a bit (relatively speaking) before you start down the aisle so it might just make more sense to have them leave ahead of you so they can be seated at the correct time.
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    Re: Limo Recommendations

    My brother is my best man, so I kind of think he should be in the limo. You'd never ask your MOH to take her own car, would you? I always just kind of thought that parents usually ride with the bride. My mom isn't going to walk down the aisle before I get there, is she?

    I checked out Lynette's and Real Sense, but neither have limos that are bigger than 10 passengers.
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    Re: Limo Recommendations

    Yes, your mom is the last guest seated before the wedding party/march starts.  You don't see anyone walk down the aisle because you are out of sight until everyone is seated.

    After your mom is seated, the wedding march (or whatever music you've chosen) begins, and the wedding party takes their places at the front.  When they are finished, the doors to the sanctuary close and everyone stands and turns to face the back of the church.  The doors open and you (and your dad?) walk down the aisle.

    The best man and groomsmen are often already up at the alter with the groom and pastor/priest, walking in after everyone is seated but ahead of the march for the bridesmaids from the front of the church (not going down the aisle), but there are a number of ways to do it including having the groomsmen escort the bridesmaids.

    So, when the brother/father need to get there depends on how you are doing it.

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    Re: Limo Recommendations

    We used Le Limo.  We had to transport  20 people and got the Land Yacht.  Not traditional, but its not a cheap looking party bus either, and its big enough you can walk around in it, so your not crammed in trying to get in and out with your dress.   Everyone loved it.  We fit the whole bridal party plus parents for after the church.  (we did photos in the public garden, so we didn't want anyone worried about parking).   Le Limo has other options as well, but I seriously loved the Land Yacht.
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    Re: Limo Recommendations

    I assume your brother will be walking down the aisle with your BMs since he is your MOH.  My church didn't have a door to the sanctuary, so I had to hide in the back side entrance until it was my turn.  But, I got to watch everyone walk down the aisle, which I really enjoyed (we also did a formal seating of the grandparents along with the mothers).

    I wanted my parents in the car with me, and I even had my nana with us.  It was important to me to have them with me on the ride was special and they kept me from getting too nervous.  Keep shopping around, you will find something that suits your needs.

    Also, I responded to your message from last week - did you get it? I just sent you another message.

    Try Brewster Coach and Above All Transportation - they both have a Chrysler stretch that seats 14.  We used Above All for the limo bus that took us out after our reception.  If you don't do one of their wedding packages, they have an hourly flat rate that includes tip. 
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    Re: Limo Recommendations

    Check out the Trolley that Le Limo in Shrewsbury has. I've used that and it holds about 35 people and is really luxurious.  Everyone loved it and it makes a statement with class and style.

    You can see it on their web site

    Plus they have a bunch of party buses.



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    Re: Limo Recommendations

    We have used Boston Limo Online for our night out in Boston.  This was our first time requesting services through Boston Limo online and we were very satisfied with their service and professionalism.  Driver was great, knowledgible and polite.  The limo was exceptionally clean, from inside and out.  Top prompt service, highly recommend to everyone!!!! here is their website