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    Re: Photographers

    You will probably get a lot of suggestions on here, sometimes reviews are hard to come by so if you wants reviews, try

    Some of the ones who get good reviews in your price range are:

    You'll get a lot more suggestions, I am sure- this board seems kind of slow right now. 

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    Re: Photographers

    My FI and I are using Berryphotos, but our wedding isn't until November, so I can't give a real review just yet.  What I can say is that Keith is, by far, the most responsive of our vendors, and our first meeting was a real pleasure.  We really clicked, which is definitely as important as his prices.  The most talented, least expensive photographer will not be right for you if he/she doesn't put you at ease.  This person will be around you for most of your wedding day, so I think that's an important factor to keep in mind. 

    In addition to being a funny, kind guy, Keith appears to truly care about his craft, and he's talented.  His albums impressed me. 

    As for other suggestions/tips, here are a couple:
    1.  When evaluating someone's work, take a look at more than just their favorites.  Ask to see a couple complete weddings so you can see what percentage of the photos are good.  You know how they say even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then?  Keep that in mind and remember anyone can collect an album's worth of highlights.  Also, try not to be distracted by things in a photograph that are outside a photographer's control.  For example, look beyond the venue and dress if they're not your style. 
    2.  Really dig into the contract (ask for a sample when comparing vendors) and package description and be sure you're comparing apples to apples.  Are you paying for things you don't consider important?  Are you getting the things that are?  (A few elements that were key for me were coverage (unlimited hours/shots), rights to the images, and retouching/color correction.) 

    Good luck!
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    Re: Photographers

    John Loconte has packages within your budget and he gets rave reviews on wedding wire, his website is

    good luck on your search!
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    Re: Photographers

    We used Jocelyn Vassos for our 6/19 wedding and couldn't be happier with the decision we made!

    Her style definitely suited our sensibilities- I don't remember seeing her all that much during the day, outside of the formal photos we took- but my mother said she never stopped working!  She was very responsive and super friendly- a real pleasure to work with!  She offers a variety of options, and is definitely in your budget. is her website.
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    Re: Photographers

    Corey was awesome!  My photos are amazing and the album came out absolutely perfect.  He has very reasonably priced packages.  He is a younger guy and therefore his prices are still in an affordable range.  I was really impressed by the quality of his work and how well he captured the day. 
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    Re: Photographers

    I second for their price. It seems hard to find a photographer for under $2,000. Good luck!

    (P.S. this is Peonie, had to change my username as I think someone I know from my work discovered me...oh well!) But I am keeping the same avatar!
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    Re: Photographers

    My cousin used Charles Bandes Photography for a couple of different events (wedding, baptism, family pics, etc) and has been really happy.  His prices are really reasonable, and the photos were gorgeous!  She said Charley was great to work with, and she barely knew he was there.
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    Re: Photographers

    We booked M2 Studios in Somerville -   We loved them.  Easy to work with, super friendly, and our photos are BEAUTIFUL!    

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    Re: Photographers

    We are using Michael from Island Road Images for our photography. Found them on the Knot best of weddings. We looked at several photographers from that list, they all had great pictures we just clicked with Michael and loved his albums. I would highly recommend checking them out. The prices started at  around 2-3k. It depends what you want to include in your package. We added an album and a second photographer.

    A little advice when looking at different photographers. First ask how long they have been in business and ask to see full weddings (not just samples). When we first started planing our wedding we were shocked at how many people in the wedding business were just starting. Also ask to look at an album and prints to see what the quality is like. They can look good online and not so great printed big.

    In Response to Photographers:
    Hello!!! I'm looking for a photographer that is reliable and professional and I would love to stay under $2,000. Any suggestions on photographers or what I should be looking for from a photographer???
    Posted by caringteacher

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    Re: Photographers

    I second Michael Goderre from island road Images.

    And, yes, DO look at the computer sites that the brides look at - so you can see all 600 photos to make sure the photographer takes great shots (love that concept of a blind squirrel finding a nut).

    BUT - you also need to meet with your 4 or 5 finalists and make sure you LIKE the photographer.  Seriously, you'll spend most of the day with this person, and he/she will be at your house while you get dressed to photograph all that "before the wedding" stuff that we brides like (I did NOT want a photographer to take photos while i was getting dressed, but I am unusual)

    finally, look at a few real albums - how did the photographer put it together, is it interesting? are the final photos good?  can the photographer crop out that crazy seagull that insists on being in the very top of a great shot, or whatever else?

    Michael has a background that makes him look as albums as works of art, and I found his albums to be simply fabulous!  Plus, we just plain old liked him, and that was important to both of us.  I tend to (doesn't everyone?) get nervous in front of a camera, so I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the photographer.
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    Re: Photographers

    I just got married and my photographer was absolutely amazing - Matt Flynn ( He was just a bit over your budget for my package but worth every penny, and I still thought he was very reasonable for what I got/am getting in terms of hours of coverage, prints, album, engagement session and DVD with high res images.
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    Re: Photographers

    I am using Aurelle Russo, who is based out of Revere. I too am on a budget and found her prices to be very reasonable.  She photographed three of my family memebers' weddings. She just did our engagement shoot and we absolutely love the photos. We cannot wait to do wedding photos!
    You can reach her at
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    Re: Photographers

    I'm a third for Berryphotos!  He did my wedding back in 2006 and my friends this past summer.  I couldn't have been more thrilled.  As stated above, we got unlimited wedding day coverage, so he started 2 hours before the ceremony and stayed through the night.  We got all the pictures on a disc about 3 weeks after the wedding and had full rights to them.  Our album was printed in Italy and is still the best album I've ever seen. 

    They've got two photographers now and Arne actually did my friends wedding this past year.  He was so great and instantly clicked with our group. 

    They're great and I couldn't recommend them more!  Definitely check them out.  The website is
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    Re: Photographers

    SCOTT METZGER! I think. I'm not sure what his price range it exactly, but it's in your ballpark, and he's just incredible. We are so happy with our pictures!
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    Re: Photographers

    I am not the OP but I have been following this thread. Thanks to all who posted & recommended the various photographers.
    My son is getting married on June 4, 2011 in NH. We have been researching photographers and this thread has been very helpful to us
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    Re: Photographers

    Two more photographers to check out:

    Rick Bern who is fabulous, he photographed my son when he was first born in the hospital and we just received images from our son's 1st birthday pictures from him. They are wonderful and are going to make great holiday gifts! He does a ton of weddings and he has just opened up a new studio in Needham.

    Also, Mark Alcarez actually did my wedding and I loved all of the pictures and the album was incredible. He was great to work with and has a really helpful blog with lots of great info for brides!

    Someone also mentioned Scott Metzger...I was in a wedding of a friend who used him...and it was a rainy miserable day...but his pictures did not show it! I tried to get him for my wedding, but he was already booked. (9 months out)
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    Re: Photographers

    Another possibility....photojournalistic style, reasonable packages esp if you   have a large or mid-size wedding which requires a second photographer and also want engagement shots or parent albums.