When my husband and I were meeting with photographers it was essential to us that we ‘connect’ with them- mainly because they would be partaking in our wedding, an event that was very personal event to us.  We viewed this role as a great responsibility as they would be capturing our day and providing us with memories for many years to come.  When we met with Catherine & Lisa, we felt like there was an instant connection.  We were impressed with their creativity, enthusiasm and ability to capture the spirit of each unique event they had the opportunity to photograph.

It was especially important that our wedding photos were authentically captured as candidly as possible, as opposed to recreating each moment.  Time is precious, especially on the biggest day of your life, and you want to be able to spend time with each other, family and guests.   Their unobtrusive style made us forget that we were being photographed most of the day.  We feel that our pictures are representations of the actual moments we shared and we give credit to Catherine and Lisa for providing us with these precious mementoes.  It is worth your while to check them out at www.m2studiosphoto.com