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preserving flowers

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    preserving flowers

    After the wedding (may 09), I had tried to hang my bouquet to dry.  This failed since they were short stems tucked into a holder, so they all fell out & ended up sitting on the floor behind the door before I realized.  DH left his bout sitting on his dresser.  All ended up turning brown-ish and really not worth saving for much. 
    Fast forward till last month when I finally got a renter for my condo.  We had to clean it out of all wedding remnants, including the 2 extra bouts in the fridge.  We had tossed them in there, still in their plastic containers, 9 months ago.  They looked beautiful still & the red & white roses looked remarkably fresh & colorful.  We took them home & they've been sitting at room temp for a couple of weeks now & still look great.  All dired out too, so I think they'll stay like that.

    Wish I had thought to do that with our actual flowers from the day, so i thought I'd share!
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    Re: preserving flowers

    Thanks for sharing! Good info.