Thank you letter from bride!

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    Thank you letter from bride!

    As some of you know on this board, I am closing up my business as a bridal makeup artist, after many, many years.  Today, after returning home from a much needed vacation with my family, I went through my mountain of mail & came across an envelope addressed to me. I recieved the most beautifully written, amazing thank you letter from a bride that I had serviced last month. This  letter that the bride sent to me just reinforced all the reasons why I decided to even get into bridal makeup services.
    I am posting this because I am so truly touched by every word that she had written & I wanted to let you all know that as a vendor, it means SO MUCH to me.  If any of you take the time to compliment any of your wedding vendors or give them a positive reveiw, it really does mean something and it is appreciated.  This wonderful young lady made my day and I just cannot stop smiling!!!!
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    Re: Thank you letter from bride!

    Isn't it amazing how a simple gesture can go so far?!  Great post, Dani - thanks for sharing your experience.  Maybe we won't moan and groan so much about sending thank you notes when we think of your story. 

    I have a "treasure chest" of things in my life, most of which are memories, that are worth more to me than all the riches in the world, and that note and how happy I made that bride would go in it.  So happy for you and your addition to your treasure chest.