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Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

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    Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    Hi guys,

    I used these boards in the planning for my wedding and I always found the vendor reviews the most helpful so I wanted to give mine back.  We had a perfect wedding, and I wouldn't change a thing... overall everything went pretty well so here's my reviews..

    Church:  Collegiate Church of Christ the Teacher at Merrimack College - North Andover - A+
    Beautiful Church!!!  Too bad it didn't get used more because it's simply breathtaking.  Long aisle.. 90 feet but it was great!   We had a catholic mass and our guests said it was one of the best they had ever been to which was huge in part to our priest Father Waters (from Merrimack College) who kept people interested and entertained and involved in our mass.  Also we had a lot of personal touches with my aunt and cousin singing, and my other cousin playing the trumpet.  The hour flew by!  Father Waters was an awesome priest - we did our own personal pre-cana with him and so he really knew us well since we met with him about 7 or 8 times for over an hour each time.  We plan to stay in touch with him for years to come!

    Venue:  Hawthorne Hotel - Salem, MA - A+
    Karen and Christine were great to work with and helped plan our entire day.  On the day of, Liz was amazing and made everything run so smoothly!  Kelly and Robyn that handled our rooms were great too.  All in all, all the staff we dealt with at the Hawthorne were awesome!  We didn't have to meet too much at all and everything went so smoothly.  They got back to emails timely answering all my questions and their ballroom is just beautiful!!!  We had about 160 guests and we couldn't have been happier with the way everything looked.  We got the gold chivari chairs for our wedding and they complemented the rooms and the colors of our wedding so perfectly!  People keep commenting to us about the place and the food!  All were amazing!  You can see pictures from our wedding on the Hawthorne's website wedding blog..  I would recommend the Hawthorne in a second to anyone!

    Photographers - - A++++++++++++++++++
    AMAZING!!!  Kjeld and Melissa were so fun to work with and their work is just amazing... the day after our wedding, 50 pictures were on facebook already, just tempting us with what they all will look like.  We already have all of our pictures back and are now in the deciding process of what to use for our albums..  These two are so professional, so cool, and so great to spend your day with!!  They are so good because they believe in what they do.  They clearly know what love is and they know how to capture it in photos.  They captured things we missed and never knew happened.  So many people have raved about our pictures and my single friends are already planing to use them for their weddings (as long as they aren't booked).  I really can't say enough about these two.  They did our engagement pictures too and they are just amazing.  Check out their work if you are looking for a photographer!

    Videographer - Ti Chase from Laurelin Films - A
    So hard for me to give a review here since I haven't seen our video yet, but he has done 4 of our friends weddings and we have seen all of their videos and have loved them so I'm assuming he will be awesome for ours too!!  Depending when we get our video back, this review will likely get a bunch of pluses too!  What I like about Ti is that you hardly know he is there... he doesn't get in the way, he is so professional, and so cool!  He takes pride in his videos and each one we have seen is just amazing and we are soo hoping that ours will be like that too!  He lives in Europe now but still has family here and since he did so many of my friends weddings, he agreed to come out and do ours... which was just AWESOME!  he said he usually comes out about 4 times a year to do a wedding.  In any case, he was awesome and we can't wait for our video!!!

    Hair and Makeup - Amanda Burgess and her team - A+
    Awesome!  We had two hair people and two makeup people come to my house the morning of the wedding to do everything.  Amanda knows several hair and several makeup people and picks the best ones for that day based on what people are looking for.  I loved my hair and my makeup on my wedding day - it looks sooo great in pictures and I'm so happy with it!  Stayed up all day, even in the winds that we had that day!  Overall we had 8 girls that had hair done and 5 that had makeup done and we were done in less than 4 hours!  They were soo great to work with!! 

    Flowers - Events in Bloom - Carla Murphy - A+
    Loved my flowers, the alter arrangements at the church, and the centerpieces!  They all had a great simple, elegant, and wintery look which is just what I was going for.  I had all white flowers and each of my girls carried a different bouquet which was made up of entirely one flower, example one had all gerbers, one had all tulips, one had all callas, etc..  the groomsmen that they walked with had a matching boutonneire (sp?).  The alter arrangements were brought to the Hawthorne after and were tall vases with white and silver branches that went right behind our chairs at our sweetheart table.  The centerpieces were white pinecones, greenery, and small white flowers in glass bowls.. so beautiful!  Carla was so great to work with.  She has done many of my friends weddings as well.

    Limo - Lynette's Limos - Peabody, MA - B
    This is the one vendor we weren't particularly happy with.  We got an 18 passenger escalade which was sooo cool - we loved the limo itself and we had fun in it.  But when he came to pick us up he didn't come in the driveway.. so we had to walk out and all the way down the driveway to the road in heels with ice and snow on the ground.. not sure why he couldn't get in.. we have a plower that does the driveway in a big truck and he is always fine..  Then we walked out of the church and he had my husband signing the waiver right there.. he had just been pronounced man and wife and he was having him sign it there.. why not before when he saw him?  The limo didn't have champagne in it, like it said it would, but we brought our own anyway, then the CD player stopped working halfway to the reception and we made a CD of a bunch of fun upbeat songs to get us in the mood.. He pulled over to try to fix it but couldn't get it going.  When we arrived at the Hawthorne after getting in some traffic, we were 10 mins over in total and he wanted to charge us for an extra hour!  Yet he stopped for 5 mins trying to fix the CD player, he wouldn't pull in the driveway which took a lot more time for everyone to walk slowly to the limo to leave, and there was no champagne.. Didn't ruin the day, just annoying and disappointing.. at least he was on time and didn't get lost going anywhere.

    Cake - Montillios - B
    Another vendor that didn't get it right but it didn't ruin our day either.  It was the right design, and had the right cake topper, and it tasted great, however the color wasn't right.  It was supposed to be champagne with ivory pearls going around each layer and ivory dots all over it, looking like snow falling from the edible snowflakes on top which were also in ivory.  Instead the whole cake was champagne.. including the dots the pearls going around each layer.. the only thing in ivory was the snowflakes on top.  Nobody knew what it was supposed to like like except us though so it wasn't a big deal.. and the cake still tasted good!

    Gobo lighting - Requesting your Presence - Stacie Giannetta - A+
    We had Gobo Lighting on our dance floor that had our names and last initial and the wedding date.  It looked sooo awesome!  I used Stacie for a few things for our wedding, this was just one part, but everything I did with her was awesome!  She made us personalized wine bottles which came out awesome with a picture of the Hawthorne on them.  Ahe also made me a personalized velour suit with my new last name and the est date, my maid of honors got one too saying Best Lady, and Best Gal.  My ring bearer and flower girl also had some personalized long sleeve shirts made by her.  Everything was GREAT. She does invitations and stuff too - check her out!  and she is local and easy to work with!

    DJ - Blue Line Entertainment - Tim Kane - A+
    Tim was soooo awesome!  We had the greatest vendors as you can tell.  They were people that we would hang out with!  Our personalities just clicked and Tim was one of them.  He was so fun, and really made our day!!  We met with him only twice before the big day but exchanged several emails and everything was exactly like we wanted.. we only wish the day could have gone on a few more hours.. everything was wonderful.  I would highly recommend him and his prices are great!!  Very professional, fun, cool, and likeable!

    Dresses - Marry and Tux - B+
    The reason they are getting a B+ is because my dress was too big.  I tried on the sample size and it fit fine.  They said that it was stretched out a bit and that they would order me a size based on my measurements, even though that one fit ok.  My measurements said 2 sizes up from the sample I tried on... I said "no way" and the woman agreed that two sizes up would be too big but that I would be better with one size up since you can always alter 2 sizes down and we don't want it to be too small.  I said I don't plan on gaining any weight, and if any I would lose.. I only lost 5-6 lbs which is about what I wanted, but my dress was huge.. my seamstress was so angry saying I should have had at least the size down (which is what me and my bridesmaids thought too).  I had a Maggie Sottero gown with a corset back and my corset was as tight as it could be.  The seamstress said they should have known that with corset backs you don't go up in size too much.  I didn't want to lose the shape of my dress so I just tried to work my back as much as possible in the gym to make it bigger the few weeks before my wedding... still it was big and my corset was as tight as possible.. my seamstress did a great job but I shouldn't have had to order that size but they would not order the sample size saying that one size up would be better.  I trusted them thinking they are the experts and know this stuff but I should have stayed firm on it...  Oh well.  The store itself was great and the bridesmaid dresses worked out good, and the grooms tuxes worked out good too.. their prices are good as well and they are in NH so no sales tax which is also a plus.   

    Rings - Barmakian's - A
    Awesome - I love them.  There are plenty of reviews about them so I won't say much here..  My husband got my ring in Boston and we got our bands in Nashua.. we go to Nashua usually for ease of parking, etc.. 

    Rehearsal dinner - Jackson's in Methuen, MA - A
    Great room upstairs for rehearsals.  Reasonable prices, great food.  Gary and Karen were great to work with to customize our buffet for everyone.  We had a great time up there and it was a great location, close to the highway and the church!!  Plenty of room to spread out and enjoy some quality time with our bridal party and family - and it's handicap accessible with an elevator up to the function room.  :-)

    Honeymoon - Hawaii - Amazing - we planned this all ourselves.. 10 days in Maui at the Grand Wailea for 5 nights and the Hooilo House for 5 nights - both places awesome but two totally different experiences.  I'll leave the reviews off of this post since it's really just about the day but Maui exceeded our expectations and we can't wait to go back!!

    I think that's it.. Overall so fun and I loved it!!!!  I wouldn't change much of anything if I had to do it all over again!
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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    this was supposed to say 1/9/2010... sorry.. not the 19th.. :-)
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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    Congrats!  Glad the cake and limo issue didn't spoil the day.  Other than that, it sounds perfect!
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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    Hi Jan2010!  Congrats!  Glad you had a great time and it sounds like only minor issues if any!  That's great!

    I looked into Kjeldm based on your recommendation before the wedding.  LOVED their work!  I was so sad they were booked already on our date!

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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    You forgot your anniversary already??!  :o)

    Just kidding - congratulations!
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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    Jan, I am seriously considering the Hawthorne Hotel. Once I get engaged, I will be emailing you (if that is OK)

    Congrats! :)
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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    Jan - congrats!!  Sounds like a lovely day, and I'm annoyed with that limo driver for you. :)  But I'm glad you didn't let it ruin your day!

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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    Congratulations!!!!  Blessings on your marriage!

    (I'd have given the limo a C-, by the way)
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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    I suppose you are right.. I was probably too nice on the limo!    too funny fram - better not tell the husband that I forgot the date so soon!  he actually had the church booked with that date before he even asked me!  (pretty confident I would say yes i guess, but very cute that he did that).  Peonie - the hawthorne was beautiful!!  their wedding blog on their website can give you so many ideas too!  i love the windows overlooking the common and the peak a boo window up top and the tall ceilings... loved it all!
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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    Thanks for the review! Can I ask the contact info for the hair/makeup person you used? Thanks!
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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    sorry guys for the delay.. I don't check as much. 

    Amanda Burgess
    603-203-8707 - cell recently changed but I think that is right.  She has several hair and several makeup people depending where you are located and what price you want, etc.  I loved mine!  I had Ani and Amanda for makeup - Ani did me and my mom and Amanda did all my bridesmaids.  I had two hair people too - Brenda and Angie.  Angie did mine - loved her!  I know several people that had others though that also liked their experience and didn't have any of the four I had (besides Amanda).

    Good Luck!
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    Re: Vendor Reviews 1/19/2010

    Congrats!!! Wishing you & your new hubby lots of happiness! :)