vendor reviews, 6/25/11 wedding

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    vendor reviews, 6/25/11 wedding

    It's been awhile since we've had a new set of vendor reviews, so I think I'll rectify that lack. :)

    I got married this past Saturday. Almost everything went perfectly. My biggest fears--the weather being too hot and the officiant too difficult--did not materialize.

    Dress, A-. I had my dress made by Seams couture in Wenham. I was very happy with the end result. The designer at Seams is very competent, but very opinionated and strict. Some people may have difficulty with her attitude.

    Cake, A+ for flavor, B+ for decoration. We got our cutting cake and cupcakes from Hippie Chick Bakery in NH. Both were delicious! We got four flavors of cupcakes, sadly I only was able to taste three. I'm still jonesing for a brown butter cupcake with salted caramel frosting.

    Flowers, A+. Our florist was Orchids n' Blooms of Maynard, MA. They were a delight to work with. They stuck to my modest budget and accepted my whackier ideas. And the end results were beautiful.

    Photographer, ?. Joyelle West has been wonderful to work with. I can't give a final grade until I see the photos though.

    Makeup and hair, A+. Tara of tada yourself did a fantastic job with my makeup, as well as makeup on my young cousin, a friend, and the mothers. Her aunt, Carol Carbone, gave my maid of honor and I awesome finger waves.

    Rehearsal dinner, A.
    We had a large, casual rehearsal/welcome dinner at Christopher's in Porter Sq. They were easy to work with and gave us all great food.

    Hotel Accommodations and post-wedding brunch, A+. We and many of our out-of-town guests stayed at the Hotel Marlowe. The brunch buffet was straightforward, but the quality of food was excellent. Service at the hotel was also excellent. Left my hotel room looking like a bridal preparation bomb had gone off in the room; returned to find a perfectly tidy room. And they put a goldfish in our room (and champagne).

    Reception, A+++. Frankly, I did not want to have a big, costly reception, but every penny of the amount we paid for having our reception at Upstairs on the Square was worth it. Having good food was a priority of ours and Upstairs really delivered. The food was fantastic. The service was fantastic. The managers were very accommodating and helpful when we were planning the reception. The staff was great the day of the wedding--they set up the space before the wedding, made sure we had ate, helped us load up our car after the wedding, hailed cabs for guests, etc., etc.

    Limo service, A. Weldon Worldwide. No complaints. Unlike many of the limo companies we tried, Weldon was able to give us a black limo and did not push a wedding package on us. Both the driver of the limo and the driver of the bus we got for guests were courteous and competent.

    I think that's it. :)
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    Re: vendor reviews, 6/25/11 wedding

    thanks for sharing your reviews! I'm dying to see pictures of the finger waves! Congratulations!
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    Re: vendor reviews, 6/25/11 wedding

    I'm using Tara too so I'm really happy to hear you liked her!!! Kind of validates my thoughts. lol. I love what she did at the trial so I'm glad I stuck with it! :-D I'm also going to look into Weldon. Thanks so much for your reviews!!