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Vendor Reviews - Boston/South Shore Wedding

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    Vendor Reviews - Boston/South Shore Wedding

    Scott Metzger was our photographer for our 9/09 wedding.  His pictures were phenomenal -I get complimented on them every time they get mentioned. Everytime we look through them, I am amazed at the number of good shots he got.  He has a true artistic talent in photography, and our albums show it. Definitely worth the price.   Scott photographed the day from start to finish, gave us a few ideas, and was able to corral an unruly relative or two during the ceremony. I had made him a "shot list," and somehow it didnt get brought that day, and that was disappointing.  However, we were able to get the majority of the important shots we wanted, so overall, this was a small thing.  Some things that made Scott stand out for us: the second photographer he brought, the rights to our prints, the DVD and slideshow he produced, as well as his general professionalism on the day of the event.  When making the album we had as much control over shot selection and layout as we wanted, which was perfect.  At times, the communications regarding the album were confusing, but we were able to work it out in a timely fashion.   One really great thing about the process was when I wasnt 100% happy with the layout of our second album, Scott revised it promptly and without complaint according to my specifications.  It's important to note that I absolutely *loved* the layout of the first album, and he did a lot of work for us between the two albums we ordered.   Pictures were very important to us, and so we were willing to spend a good chunk of our budget on them.  I think Scott was the perfect choice and we were very pleased with the results.  

     Independence Harbor is beautiful no matter what season. The pictures came out wonderful, the place is landscaped phenomenally. More importantly, the service is excellent, all of the staff were very professional, they knew exactly what they were doing, took ownership over their responsibilities and performed well up to the day and on the day of our wedding. They answered several emails I sent promptly and completetly, kept track of our specific details (eg even though they do many weddings we didnt feel like it was a wedding mill), and really orchestrated the day so we didnt have to worry about it. Classy and professional are the best words I have to describe it.

    At times they were less flexible than other places on several of their policies - ie type of bar provided, certain amenities, etc. Nothing that changed the tone of the day, but certainly something to consider. Of course, I believe it was worth it overall given their professionalism and services provided, especially in comparison to other venues. They did, however, accomodate several requests that I made (kids table, set up, table linens) and so I cant ding them terribly even on this aspect.

    The food was delicious - I'm still getting compliments on it several months later to the tune of "That was not only the best wedding meal I've had, it was just a great meal!" and well-priced for their area. The chef also made food carvings that amused the guests during the cocktail hour. I would definitely recommend this place to any couple considering getting married in this area.
     Jen from The Tangled Web wonderful to work with - though I will say she's a little difficult to find on the web/email. However, as it got close to my wedding, she was very responsive and it gave me confidence in her.

    The flowers themselves were in great shape when we received them, they were delivered promptly and well cared for. She was flexible about the arrangements of where/when to drop them off, and I appreciated that. I also appreciated her adaptability when I changed my mind about the order - she showed nothing but absolute professionalism. Her terms were clear and fair, and her prices were very reasonable in comparison to other local florists.

    The best part about Jenn was that she understood our style - I'm not into roses, I dont like flowery/flow-y soft arrangements. Not only did she listen to that, she never pressured us into "higher priced" flowers. She was able to deliver a gazebo piece, bouquets, corsages and boutineers that were simple, modern and very sharp-looking. We received tons of compliments on our arrangements that day and after. I would work with Jen again in a heartbeat.
     We used Montilio's, and I have to say, the two most important things about the cake - the look and the taste, were excellent. Oh, and it was on-time too, which is a close second place. Lots of compliments on it, and I wish we could order from them every week!

    There were a couple paper mix-ups (perhaps crossing the mail?) with our payments and ribbon, but it was ultimately fixed - though it took too long to do so (over twenty minutes on hold at one point, two days for a response to a simple question). Though their services were never in doubt, it was just too bureaucratic - so perhaps they need better back-office operations.

    I would definitely recommend them, just not quite as enthusiastically as my other vendors/as I could.

    I cant say enough good things about Precious Memories Bridal Shop in Malden and the employees. I worked specifically with Donna for my wedding in September 09. She was pleasant, professional, low-pressure, attentive, all-around fun to work with.

    Donna actually picked out my wedding dress! I went into the store on a whim - dont let the location fool you! I had definite ideas about what I wanted, but like all brides, what I wanted and what looked good on me were two different things. Donna suggested a particular dress that would fit most of my criteria (and my fiance's) based on what I was already trying on. She was low-pressure, but sincere about it, and it turned out she was spot-on!

    I came in with my MIL (a few times!) to look for her dress as well, and each time received attentive service. For both dresses they were knowledgeable about their products, prices and availability, when they didnt know something 100% they were prompt about verifying and responding to me - both in person and via phone. Their turnaround time (ordering, alterations, etc.) was accurate and timely. They also had reasonable prices and a good selection of gowns/dresses.

    I would recommend checking out Precious Memories for any bride, bridal party, or mothers' dresses.
     I ordered my BM dresses through Camilla’s in Arlington - they were one of only a few places that carried the line I wanted. They received great reviews online, so I was expecting great service - what I received was disappointing. It was difficult to get ahold of anyone by phone, it was even worse trying to get them to return a call when you left a message. I had to call several times for a receipt (that arrived over a month late), they kept changing the date the dresses would be in (even after checking with the manufacturer for ship date), they did not notify me when the dresses eventually did come in, and I had to remind them that one of them needed to be shipped elsewhere (after I confirmed twice that that wouldnt be a problem). I asked for samples and was given a date they would be in, which was also changed several times (again, no notification that it arrived). I didnt trust them to mail it to me, so I just had them hold it for me. I had to fill out the same information forms three times, and my veil was ordered incorrectly despite a 2nd confirmation of the order (also had the same problems with notification of delivery, and re-delivery, of the correct veil. I did receive it two days prior to my wedding).

    The only good thing about this place is that the younger woman that runs the day-to-day operations was friendly (hence the 2.5 professionalism rating). I would not recommend doing business with this vendor at all.

    John Cristoferi (DJ) was awesome - his years of experience in the business were a big plus. He kept our guests on their feet all day! One thing that attracted us to him was his immersion in the music, and his desire to pronounce our (difficult) names correctly. He did not try to take over the event (eg awkward jokes or skits or props), or turn it into a nightclub atmosphere, but was able to MC it clearly and effectively so that everybody knew what was going on and when. The best thing about him was that he was able to read the crowd and knew the type of music to play and when.

    My husband is from another culture and really wanted to incorporate some music from his country into our day, John did a fantastic job with this - we gave him a CD and some notes on the songs, and he familiarized himself with the music and was able to include it seamlessly (and I do mean seamlessly) into the reception. My husband's family was so surprised and happy to hear some of their classic songs - John was even able to get several people from my side of the family up and dancing to that music.

    We were concerned about hiring a DJ rather than a band, but John proved to us that we made the right decision.  

    I used Danielle Ross Makeup Artistry for my makeup in September 09, and absolutely loved the results. I left myself in her experienced hands, and let her experiment with color and style on my face, and was very pleased with how I looked on that day. I admit, I was very nervous upon our first meeting (I've heard horror stories about how makeup artists just do what they want and dont listen or end up using poor quality makeup, etc.), but those fears were soon allayed by her casual and easy to approach demeanor.

    Danielle asked what I wanted, made sure to listen to my desire for an overall look, but was also able to show me new techniques that I ended up loving. She explained each step - what she was doing and why/what it highlighted, and the product she used for it. She stopped to verify halfway through that I liked the direction she was going (very helpful!). The best part (for me) is that Danielle was low-pressure, and made sure I understood what would happen on the day of the wedding. The make-up lasted all day (and I do mean all day - 630am -1030pm with only a bit of blotting and lipstick reapplication), and I learned several things about proper application and care.

    Danielle catered to my schedule, showed up early, set up promptly, and was ready to work - even squeezing in time to do an extra person that saw her work and loved it on that morning. Her response to my inquiries was prompt and complete, she kept track of payments and details well. Her contract was simple, made provision for all eventualities, and her prices were extremely reasonable (a bargain!) In fact, I will be scheduling a personal makeup session with her shortly to learn some new techniques. I would recommend Danielle Ross to anyone in the area - even out of her immediate area, since she travels!
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    Re: Vendor Reviews - Boston/South Shore Wedding

    we used Scott also and I couldn't agree with everything you said more.  he was great! 
    You are quick though - we got married in Oct and I am still working on the albums!  haha