Vendor Reviews - Plymouth, Ma - June 20, 2009

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    Vendor Reviews - Plymouth, Ma - June 20, 2009

    Hi ladies,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the help I received on this board over the past two years. I finally put together reviews of our vendors - I hope it’s helpful. We were married on June 20th - I can't believe it's been over 6 months already! And here we go...I may seem like an easy grader but we really did have great people helping us and everything went smoothly.

    CHURCH: Christ Church Parish, Plymouth
    A: I loved this Church. The moment we walked inside I felt comfortable and at home. It has beautiful stain glass windows. One of our requirements was to find a Church that would allow us to bring in a Catholic Priest (DHs’ family priest from out of state) for a joint ceremony. I was a little hesitant about having a joint ceremony but it worked out great. We had marriage preparation classes with the Reverend from the Church and I really felt that he truly cared about us and wanted to make sure our marriage is a success. The best part was when DHs’ family Priest sang an Irish Blessing for us. It was beautiful and the only time my mom cried :-).

    Two reasons there wasn’t a ‘+’ for the Church. There was very minimal parking for our guests – I’m not sure what people did but they managed apparently! Reason number 2 was the lack of AC/working fan. Both Priests and DH were sweating up at the alter – everyone was noticeably uncomfortable with the heat. Besides that, the Church was perfect and beautiful.

    RECEPTION HALL: Indian Pond Country Club, Kingston
    A+: This hall is absolutely breathtaking. The ballroom has really high ceilings with beautiful chandeliers, a fireplace and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the golf course. AND – they take the bridal party out on golf carts for pictures on a stone bridge. It was so much fun! The service was fantastic, from our planning coordinator leading up to the event to the wait staff the day-of. The food was fantastic (what I ate anyway) and again, the service was great. Overall it was pricier than we planned on but every other place we looked at didn’t come close to what we wanted, so in the end it was worth it.

    PHOTOGRAPHER: Zev Fisher
    A+: Zev did such an amazing job. He had his assistant shooting for part of the day so we ended up having 2 photographers for some of the key points of the day which was a nice surprise. He had all the pictures posted before we got back from our honeymoon so we’ve seen all his pictures and shared with family – everyone has been very impressed with his work. My hubby and I love his style and personality and my husband is not one to warm up to strangers but Zev automatically put him at ease and had him laughing and smiling the whole day. I’d be happy to share the pictures if anyone is interested let me know. There are 1400 to sort through but it’s well worth it. I would recommend him in a second to anyone.

    FLORIST: Affairs in Bloom, Lynn Peters
    A-: Lynn is fantastic. She has such a great personality, automatically putting me at ease. When I first started looking at florists I was getting quotes for $5k which completely shot my budget and then some. I had one florist tell me outright she wouldn’t be able to get the numbers right but good luck. So - I gave her a tight budget and a large table count to work within and she didn’t even hesitate. She came up with great suggestions on how to maximize the impact of the centerpieces without going over budget. That being said – I started having second thoughts about a month before the wedding that what we talked about isn’t what I wanted. I had her put together a sample centerpiece to ease my mind and I ended up not liking it at all! She used colors I requested we not use and it just didn’t look very put together. BUT – I called her and went into a little more detail about what I’d like changed and the end product was so beautiful. We walked into the reception hall and the flowers just left me speechless. So we had a small glitch in the process which may have been miscommunication on my part or hurrying on her part, I don’t know. Lynn was excellent to work with though – she was so easy going and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone, just be specific when working out the details.

    DJ: Ralph Funaro
    A-: We hired Ralph for the cocktail hour and reception. He sings, plays the piano and DJs. He was a good MC and got people on the dance floor. A wonderful man to work with and we received multiple compliments from our guests. He is a great singer.

    CAKE: Veronica’s Sweetcakes, Marshfield
    A-: Sweetcakes was great to work with and the cost was about average. We didn't do anything extravagant but it was just what we wanted. They sat down with us and walked through their portfolio so we could discuss what our vision was. The cake was beautiful ( and pretty good too, from what I remember)

    PHOTOBOOTH: Boston Photobooth Rental
    A: Loved, loved, loved this! These guys were so easy to work with and the guests loved it. We used the album as our guestbook. They had to turn people away at the end of the night. We filled an album and had some pictures as overflow. The only thing I wished we did is announce the closing of the photobooth because many people didn't know it was closing down and showed up too late to get in there. We got a CD of all the images a few weeks after the wedding so we could email the pics out to our guests for electronic use. We also got a surprise picture of our waitstaff in there!

    REHEARSAL DINNER: East Bay Grille
    A-: Highly recommended for a rehearsal dinner. Ours ended up being fairly large, we had 70+ guests, so we had to have it outdoors under a tent - their indoor function space holds 50 tops. So - we had it outdoors and it was fantastic. The staff was courteous and the food was really good. Overall it was a perfect way to relax before the big day and get to spend some quality time with our guests.

    HONEYMOON: Royal Caribbean,  Eastern Mediterranean Cruise
    A: We spent a few days in Umbria, Italy to relax before the cruise departed from outside of Rome.  It was 13 days of paradise!  We stopped at the Amalfi Coast, a few Greek Islands, Turkey and Egypt.  Our evenings aboard the ship were a little dull but forced us to relax after our hectic days. 

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    Re: Vendor Reviews - Plymouth, Ma - June 20, 2009

    Sounds like a perfect day!  Congratulations and blessings on your marriage!!!

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    Re: Vendor Reviews - Plymouth, Ma - June 20, 2009

    Wow!  What an event!  Thanks for posting!  I am using Indian Pond's Blackstone room for my reception and know what you mean about the place!  They are so wonderful to work with and everyone I tell about it can't wait to see it!  I looked into Christ Church but were unavailable due to administrative changes.  But it is a beautiful church! Congratulations!