Wedding Planner

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    Wedding Planner

    So, I thought I could coordinate our budget wedding myself. Four months later, and we are actually considering eloping.

    To remedy this, my wonderful fiance suggested we meet with a wedding planner, an idea I loved. I have no clue what I'm doing, and we are really looking for this to be a small, beautiful day, to represent us. Fast forward to the meeting, it was great, she seemed awesome, but is being so elusive and giving me the runaround. I feel like I went on a bad date and now the person won't give me the time of day.

    Now I'm looking for a replacement to see if I can find someone better, without the unnecessary stress. I know you ladies seem to have it together, but can you recommend any help for the clueless?
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    Re: Wedding Planner

    Hi Pandamand5, sorry to hear about your troubles.  I have my own wedding and event planning business but am not supposed to advertise on here so if you would like to give me your email address, I would like to contact you to offer my help with your wedding.  Thanks.
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    Re: Wedding Planner

    Hi Panda,
       I used Heather Minicucci at Simply Inviting Wedding ( as my wedding planner and she was in a word "amazing".  At first my husband was miffed I was dedicating some of our wedding budget to a planner, but he ended up eating his words!  She was a life saver!  She has so many great ideas and she put us in touch with some phenemonal vendors.

    I cannot recommend her enough!

    Good Luck!