Wedding Review 05/29/2010 Long

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    Wedding Review 05/29/2010 Long

    Hello everyone,  Sorry it has taken me so long to post.  My daughter's wedding was absolutely fantastic.  Below are my reviews.  Best wishes to all the upcoming brides.  Amid all the chaos of planning, try to sit back and relax for a bit.  The day of your wedding all is done and the best advice I can give all of you is to stay calm and if something doesn't go as planned it is really no big deal and usually if something is not completely as you say, no one will know except you.  The day flies by  -- not worth it to sweat the small stuff. 

    Ceremony and Reception:   Cruiseport Gloucester

    Beautiful venue.  The ceremony was gorgeous and very pleased with Tami, the coordinator at Cruiseport.  It was a perfect day.

    Vinwood Caterers

    Cannot say enough about Vinwood.  The food and service was incredible.  When I host another party, cannot imagine not using them as the caterer.  They were the best.

    Pepperberry's Flowers, Byfield

    Donna was wonderful to work with.  She really listened to what my daughter wanted.  The bouquets were beautiful.  For the ceremony, Donna had cherry blossoms throughout Cruiseport.  The guests are still commenting on how beautiful everything looked.  The only item I was not pleased with were the large cylinder vases that were placed in the aisle  --  six in total   -- filled with flowers and a candle.  Looked beautiful but ribbon was not placed at the aisle seats so that guests could not walk into the aisle after the ceremony and 3 vases were broken. Thankfully, no one got hurt.

    Black Tie Limo, Haverhill

    Ordered Rolls Royce for bride/father from house to ceremony and a limo for bridesmaids.  Rolls Royce broke down on the way to my house.  Only waited 10 minutes for another limo to arrive.  After the ceremony, there was a Rolls there to take the bride and groom to take pictures around Gloucester.  Happy about that --but not pleased but we didn't get what was ordered but this is one of those things that you cannot do anything about the day of. 

    Cakes for Occasions, Danvers

    My daughter had a picture of the way she wanted the cake to look like.  Florist said she would buy ribbon and take picture to bakery.  My daughter wanted thin light pink for the ribbon.  The cake was beautiful but not what my daughter wanted.  The ribbon was thick at the base of each tier and fuschia pink, almost red looking.   The cake was absolutely delicious though.  None of the guests knew that that wasn't how my daughter wanted the cake to look like but they commented on beautiful it was.  Another "what can go wrong but you can't do anything about".  Also another the guests didn't know the difference situation.

    Camilla's, Arlington

    My daughter wore the Harriet by Maggie Sottero.  Gorgeous!!  She had it altered at Camilla's, and she was very pleased.  They held the gown for her until 3 days before the wedding which was wonderful. 


    Guy was our DJ.  Had everyone dancing.  Dance floor never was empty.  Very happy.  After all was said and done though, we knew they were more expensive than most but really wanted a good DJ.  Very pleased but they were expensive.


    Very happy with Gaby.  She was excellent.  The pictures are absolutely gorgeous.  Definitely recommend them for a wedding.  Beautiful job!!!


    Can't really comment yet  -- haven't seen the finished product but Bob was very professional and I didn't even know he was there half the time.  Oh, that could be trouble....haha!!!


    We had the trolley to take the groom and guests from hotel to ceremony, then the bridal party to the picture spots after the ceremony.  Salem Trolley was very easy to work with and our driver was wonderful.  We also used the trolley at the end of the reception for the guests and bridal party to go back to to hotel.

    Well, ladies, sorry this is long.  Enjoy your planning.  It will be here before you know it.  Don't stress out.  Nothing is that important on that day except you and your new husband. Of all the compliments we received on that day, none were better than people telling me how happy my daughter and her new husband were and what a great couple they made.  That is what the day is all about!!!

    Good luck!!! 
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    Re: Wedding Review 05/29/2010 Long

    I've used Vinwood before and have also been very pleased with their service.

    congrats to you and your daughter. I can just imagine how beautiful the cherry blossoms must have looked!!
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    Re: Wedding Review 05/29/2010 Long

    Where was the rehearsal dinner?
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    Re: Wedding Review 05/29/2010 Long

    The rehearsal dinner was at the Gloucester House.  Very nice.  There were about 40 of us and we had a private room in the back which was very nice.  If you are planning your ceremony in the Gloucester area, definitely check it out for the rehearsal dinner.