Wedding Review June 27 Brockton, Mass

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    Wedding Review June 27 Brockton, Mass

    Hi ladies!  Thank you to all who post such great information here.  You all helped me so much so I want to try to pay it forward to future brides with a review of our wedding vendors.  We had a blast and everything was gorgeous.


    Reception:  Fuller Craft Museum A+

    This is an undiscovered gem.  If you want something a little different and very cool, check out the Fuller Craft.  It’s a gorgeous venue with lots of options, at a reasonable price.  The event coordinator, AnneMarie, is fabulous and will take good care of you.  You can be indoors, outdoors, in the galleries, on the pond-side terrace – you name it.  Its 5 minutes from Route 24, and they are very creative and flexible.  Beautiful grounds, cool galleries and covered walkway entrance for photo ops as well.  Photos on the website don’t do it justice—check it out in person. 


    Caterer:  Lavishly Dunn A-

    This is the caterer who runs the museum’s restaurant.  Their food is awesome, awesome and the owner/chef is a total champ.  I had to fire (yes, fire) our original caterer 8 days before the wedding for some shady shenanigans, and LD came to my rescue. They did a fabulous job with no advance notice and barely time to think about it.  Did I mention the food was awesome?!  The only down side was their servers were young and inexperienced and made some mistakes.  This should be rectified soon.


    Church:  St. Theresa Maronite Catholic Church.

    I can’t really rate a church.  This has been my family’s church for generations and we were honored to be married there.  I liked our readings—Isaiah 40: 28 – 31 and Corinthians on love is patient… Gospel was from John about Jesus calling us friends not servants.  We did two special things that meant a lot to us.  I’ll mention just to let brides know that they can try some creative things even in a traditional church.  My husband (woo hoo!) and I wrote a prayer for our fathers, both of whom have passed on to heaven.  The priest read it at the beginning of mass and it was perfect.  We also used the Blessing of the Hands at the end of mass and loved it.  There are numerous versions online.  The music director arranged a trumpet for us—I recommend this!  It added a lot. 


    Flowers:  Florissima A+

    Gorgeous, gorgeous work at reasonable prices from a wonderful little lady.  Marina is trained in Russia and does extremely unique and stunning work.  Hire her if you can get her!  Including the link because it can be hard to find:


    Dress:  Precious Memories A+

    Joyce and her team are fabulous.  I knew I wanted a Maggie Sottero (got the Victoriana) and they had the largest selection.  They were very knowledgeable and helpful about fittings and accessories and got everything done on time as promised.  Seamstress on site knows her stuff and does an excellent job.  I also shopped and shopped for shoes and veil and in the end bought them here.  Should have just started there and been done with it!


    Various custom touches:  Etsy A+

    I was so lucky to find awesome, awesome sellers on Etsy who made us the special touches that made our wedding unique.  I couldn’t have been happier with each of them, and their prices were more than fair for custom work.


    My jewelry—custom designed and made by ArbieGoodfellow.  So unique


    Wedding signs—Pinstripes0108 for a welcome sign, and Funkifolkart for a Mr. and Mrs. Sign four our sweetheart table.  Both in custom colors.


    Signs for the tables—they were my favorite!!  We named our tables after cities or countries that are meaningful to us.  I chose vintage travel posters for each and Aegeansea turned them into the most gorgeous art creations;.  She printed them in an awesome watercolor style and did extraordinary ribbon and matting embellishments, all custom to match the colors of each sign. Also finished off the backs.  There are photos on her page.


    Photo charm that was wrapped into my bouquet—lily Baubles.  Perfect.


    Hair:  Maura from Salon Noelle in Norwell.  A+

    Awesome job on different hair styles for each of the 6 women.  And the nicest person you could imagine.  I learned this was key in hiring vendors – I only wanted nice, laid pack people around us that day.  It makes all the difference. 


    Make up:  Girly Junk A+

    Very professional, great job.  Reasonable prices, no drama.


    Photographer: Jessica Fineran A+

    The nicest, most creative person!  We got lots of cool shots and she was so easy to work with.  I don’t have pictures just yet though but the few I saw day of were awesome.  She even bought some special lighting to do a picture I wanted and indulged us all day.


    DJ:  Erik Joseph from Event Experience A+

    So friendly, listened to exactly what we wanted and then added to it and made it better.  Was very subtle through the reception and just made it work.  I also asked him to play some Arabic music for us, from my culture, and he was very flexible and made it all work.  The dance floor was full all night long and his prices were very good.  I’d hire him again in a heartbeat. 


    Tuxes:  Mens Warehouse.  A

    Fine, standard, no problem.


    Rings: Serjeo in the jewelry building downtown crossing Boston:  A+

    We wanted matching rings, and a custom design.  Serjeo is an artisan.  He did a fabulous job, delivered exactly what we wanted and at a good price.  We love our rings and love that they’re uniquely ours. 

    Invitations: Paper Source A-

    These came out great, but were pricey. 

    I don’t suggest using a rubber stamp to print return addresses on outer envelopes.  We couldn’t engrave because of the type of envelope, so store suggested a custom rubber stamp.  It smudged all over the place and I was disappointed.


    Cake:  Konditormeister: A-

    Cake looked great and tasted great.  Service was poor though.


    Honeymoon:  Rockhouse Hotel in Negril Jamaica A+++++

    Oh. My. God.  Check this place out.  It is amazing!!


    Good luck with your planning! 




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    Re: Wedding Review June 27 Brockton, Mass

    Congrats, rness!

    Do you have a photo of your rings you can share?  I'd love to see the design!

    Loved your details of the church service.  How special it all must have been for you and your guests.

    Blessings on your marriage!

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    Re: Wedding Review June 27 Brockton, Mass


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    Re: Wedding Review June 27 Brockton, Mass

    Congrats! I Am becoming a little obsessed with Etsy! I can't wait to start ordering stuff from them for my own wedding!
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    Re: Wedding Review June 27 Brockton, Mass

    thank you all so much!!
    I do have a photo of the two rings but need to get it from hubby's iPhone to here. I'll try to do that.
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    Re: Wedding Review June 27 Brockton, Mass

    Girlie Junk is awesome. They did my makeup the day of and the makeup for my sister's wedding. loved Sam (the owner)