Arrows Restaurant in Maine

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    Arrows Restaurant in Maine

    Hey does anyone have any experience with having a wedding at Arrows in Ogunquit? Or has anyone been to a wedding there? We are thinking about it, but I wanted to get some reviews of others experience first... Thanks!
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    Arrows Restaurant in Maine

    Neither, but would have totally booked there if they weren't closed for the winter season when I first got engaged! I was bummed when they got in touch with me after I'd already booked a venue, because that place is GORGEOUS, and the food is AMAZING! I think it would be a truly lovely place for a wedding, and their staff was so nice, even when I couldn't book wtih them. I hope that it works out for you!!
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    Arrows Restaurant in Maine

    I would highly recommend Arrow's. We were married there last year. The service and food were fantastic. Arrow's was very accommodating with our requests. Danielle, the wedding/event manager was great to work with. On our anniversary, we went for dinner there and Danielle remembered us as well. There was another couple who were married there and were also celebrating their anniversary. If you chose Arrow’s, you will be very happy – Good Luck!!

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    Arrows Restaurant in Maine

    Thanks ladies,

    I actually have tried to email Danielle a couple of times and I have yet to hear back from her. I am not totally ruling it out, but I am hoping that this does not indicate the level of service that we will receive throughout our working with them. Anyway, hopefully I hear back from her soon cause I really love the place and would love to have our wedding there... My only concern is logistics as far as transportation and lodging for our guests. Lynda, did you find that to be a pain at all? Just curious. Would love to hear anything else you have to say about the venue and/or how your day turned out. Thanks again!
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    Arrows Restaurant in Maine

    Hi everyone,

    I've been to the Arrows many times - and each event was absolutely breath-taking!!

    The Arrows is a mile away from the center of Ogunquit. Ogunquit means 'Beautiful Place by the Sea' in Abanaki - and is probably my favorite place to be in the world. Let me know if you need recommendations for hotels! :)
    One of my girlfriend's rented a trolly for her wedding from Ogunquit Trolly! It was so much fun!
    I didn't get married at the Arrows - but Danielle helped me with my wedding and recommended 90% of my vendors. She is amazing!! (not to mention that she is married to the head chef - Justin Walker!)

    Joy, you might want to give Danielle a call (207-361-1100, ext. 101) it is their off-season and they are only open Wednesday-Sunday's these days.

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    Arrows Restaurant in Maine


    The logistics were not an issue for us. There are several great places to stay in or around Ogunquit. Our guests stayed in The Juniper Hill Inn ( Even though they did not have discounts for room blocks, we recommended this place because they did not require a 2 night min. stay on weekends. We did not want to add an additional burden to our guests between taking time off and money. We had several family members and friends wanting to be close by to each other so the manager made sure that when someone booked a room for the wedding and mentioned our names, they stayed in the same area. The Juniper Hill Inn was very clean, reasonably priced (discount for AAA members) and provided a nice continental breakfast the next morning. The transportation was not an issue for us. The Juniper Hill Inn was not very far from Arrow’s, maybe a 5 – 8 minute ride. Also, we were married in the spring so there was not as much traffic as there is in the summer time. If you’re planning a summer time wedding and depending on where you’re staying, I would recommend a trolley or bus.

    As for Danielle - in the beginning she was a bit difficult to reach or return messages but then again I’m the type who expects calls/e-mails to be returned quickly and certainly by the next business morning. With this said, as we approached closer to the wedding, she was excellent in returning all calls and messages within a short period of time, even to satisfy my philosophy on returning phone calls. She knows what she’s doing and does it very well. I would not rule out Arrow’s because of this.

    Arrow’s and Ogunquit are beautiful and, as Jessica mentioned, my favorite place. Let me know if you have more questions!