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Bedford Glen Hotel???

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    Bedford Glen Hotel???

    My fiance and I just checked out the Bedford Glen hotel and loved it. Any thoughts???
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    Re: Bedford Glen Hotel???

    I *LOVED* the Bedford Glen hotel also!  It was our second choice venue (if #1 didn't work out due to $$).  I was really impressed with their wedding coordinator, Jocelyn.  She was on top of the ball, really responsive and i felt confident she would do a good job at the wedding.  Their prices are really reasonable (have you seen their packages yet?).  We were also able to get them to negoiate both on the per person price and to throw in a few extras (like a cheese display, etc).  I feel you can get a great deal, just tell them what you want and see if they go for it!

    The reason we went with the other venue were a few:  the other venue had an awesome view, that really cinched it for us, but also while we loved the outdoor space (for cocktail hour/ceremony) my FI thought the ballroom looked a little older.  We also hate chair covers and to upgrade to chivari chairs was like $8 per chair, which added a lot to the price. 

    Just some things to think about!  I think the hotel is beautiful and an amazing deal!  I have a friend who went to a wedding there and she said the food was great and it was beautiful overall!  Good luck!