Butternut Farm vs. Cyprian Keyes

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    Butternut Farm vs. Cyprian Keyes

    Has anyone ever been to a wedding at either Butternut Farm Golf Club in Stow, MA or Cyprian Keyes Golf Club in Boylston, MA? 

    I am trying to decide between the two for my wedding reception and really like both venues.  They are both similar in terms of size (cocktail room, ballroom and terrace), with Butternut slightly more expensive, but only hosting one wedding a day.  I'd also be interested in hearing any reviews of the catering at both places, it seems crazy to me that we need to book a place before a tasting with their in-house catering. 

    I appreciate hearing any experiences you've had good or bad at either place.  Thanks!
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    Re: Butternut Farm vs. Cyprian Keyes

    I'd suggest that you tell them that they are each one of two venues you are strongly considering and would greatly appreciate a tasting so that you can make your decision.  Be firm but polite - it IS dumb that you have to book before getting a tasting.  How can you make your decision?  Tell them that you cannot afford to book them before knowing for sure the food is to your liking.

    Sorry, I can't actually comment on either of these options, but truly you deserve to at least ask for what you want as far as a tasting goes.  The worst they can say is no.

    Best wishes!

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    Re: Butternut Farm vs. Cyprian Keyes

    I just got married at Butternut in October and I loved them!  With that said, I didn't look at Cyprian Keyes so I can't really compare.  The food is great at Butternut we went with the tenderloin of beef and the chicken saltimbocca for the two choices and everyone loved them.  At the last minute the chef decided that the chicken looked prettier over thin spagetti so he added that at no extra charge and it did make it look really pretty.  I was a little upset that we couldn't try the food before we booked, but we did speak very briefly with chef while we were there for our first tour and he mentioned that he doesn't allow scented candles in the reception hall because they change the way his food tastes and that made me know he was serious about his cooking.  Plus, the big group tasting that Butternut does gives you a good sample of everything that they offer and I think the food on the day of our wedding was even better than the tasting. 
    I don't think my photographer got any pictures of the food, but if your curious about what the place looks like all done up for a wedding (and outdoor ceremony) here are some pictures on my photographer's website. www.sierrakphotography.com then go to weddings and then "a + m wedding".
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    Re: Butternut Farm vs. Cyprian Keyes

    Thanks for the thoughts ladies, definitely gave me something to think about.  Booking first seems to be what a lot of places (or at least golf clubs) are doing now or maybe its because I'm looking in the winter when the clubs are usually closed.  I'm going for one last look at both places this weekend and then making my final decision and crossing my fingers that the food is good at both. 

    Kar- I like the idea of telling them both they are in the top and would appreciate a tasting... hopefully it'll work!

    Mo- thanks for the link to your pictures, I really love the outdoor ones... even though I saw Butternut when it was covered in the snow I knew I would love it.  Glad to hear you were really happy with your wedding there!

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    Re: Butternut Farm vs. Cyprian Keyes

    hi, my baby sister got married at CK in Aug-09 and I planned her wedding.  I thought CK was very affordable and I like how they only host 1 wedding per day.  She was married outside near the stone wall overlooking the golf course.  We had the piano room (which I think is SO pretty) as the cocktail room and the spring ballroom for the reception.

    I was very pleased with the staff (especially Susan the event director) and I thought the food was good considering how affordable the meals and appetizer packages are.  I was a crazy bridesmaid-zilla and CK followed all of my instructions to the T!

    If you're worried about the quality of the food, you can test out the food in the restaurant.  It is open to the public and I assume the main entrees are the same as what is served during a reception.  We actually had a private tasting because my sister booked the week after the group tasting and she was to be married before another tasting would occur.  We absolutely loved the chicken cordon bleu, the best I've ever tasted, and the filet is excellent.

    Let me know if you have any questions!  Allison
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    Re: Butternut Farm vs. Cyprian Keyes

    Thanks Allison, glad to hear that you were happy with the wedding you planned at CK!  The only drawback is that now they do 2 weddings on Saturday, the first noon to 5 and the second 6-11.  Not sure how many morning weddings actually get booked there though. 

    I believe that their restaurant is actually closed for the winter, otherwise I would definitely go eat there before booking.  I guess the only reason I was nervous was that it seemed really inexpensive for food compared to the rest of the places I have looked, but I really love the ballroom and piano room. 
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    Re: Butternut Farm vs. Cyprian Keyes

    Yes, the prices do seem really inexpensive- I thought it was too good to believe.  But the costs can add up depending on the appetizer package and drink package (if any) that you choose.  We also rented our on linens so that added to the cost.  We did check out Butternut Farm and loved the family atmosphere and private event space, but I remember the cost being much higher than CK.

    In my past life I used to assist my friend who is a wedding planner as a day of assistant- I've done over 100 weddings at this point from budgets of $5K to over $500K and I personally think that CK was a great deal.  I thought the venue and locale and service that we received was a great value compared to what we paid.

    If you have any more questions or want to see pictures, you can email me at anchen1787<AT />yahoo.com, good luck, they're both beautiful venues!  Allison