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Contract advice?

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    Contract advice?

    Hi Guys!  I got the contract for our venue and we want to sign it today so that we'll officially have a date.  (Yay!)  Any advice for things we should check in it?  It specifies the rooms, date/times, pp fee, minimum we agreed to, admin fee and tax, and what's included in our package.

    Is there anything else I should check?
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    Re: Contract advice?

    Congratulations!!  The only thing that I can suggest is if it specifies other vendors that you are contracted to use that you find our their policy on switching vendors if you're not satisfied.  For instance, my contract specifies that we have to get our cake from a certain bakery.  We asked around and heard some negative reviews about that bakery so we have asked to be allowed to choose our own.  We were able to get the venue to agree to that stipulation.

    Otherwise, that sounds pretty standard.  Good luck!
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    Re: Contract advice?

    Mine also had a schedule for payments.  X amount at signing, then another amount 6 months out and then when the balance was due.
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    Re: Contract advice?

    With regard to Wendy's post, check to see if there are penalties for sending late payments.  I've heard of venues giving ballpark dates of when payments were due, then fining the client because they missed a date - but never told them the actual date!

    Most likely, you'll be good to sign!  Congrats!
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    Re: Contract advice?

    If there are any little things that they said but didn't put in writing, add them on.  (Think no cake cutting fee, no champagne pouring fee, X number of servers.)
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    Re: Contract advice?

    Review any liability language.  Make sure they are not requiring you to get any liability coverage yourself. 

    Know exactly what your service fees, etc. are for.  How much, if any, is a gratuity for the serving staff.

    Be sure to find out how early the room will be available for the florist (or whoever) will be delivering the centerpieces, the DJ to set up, etc.

    What extra tables are needed for:  gift table, putting out place cards, guest book, DJ.

    Vendor meals - how much, and where will they eat?

    Cost of children's meals.

    Often at a venue, your function person will put your gifts/envelopes in a safe.  See if anything like that.

    If there is ANYTHING that you discussed that is not in writing, make sure it's included. 

    Good luck!  Very exciting!