Destination Wedding Fall 2010

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    Destination Wedding Fall 2010

    I need some help and guidance. I have been dragging my feet on a location. We definately want to do a destination wedding. We currently have narrowed down Bahamas & Aruba. I'm open to any and all feedback on othe carribean islands and good deals. We are targeting October 2010.
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    Re: Destination Wedding Fall 2010

    Quite a few of the ladies here have been to Aruba and just loved it.

    I believe October might be the stormy season in the Carribean. I could be wrong, but you should chekc into it.
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    Re: Destination Wedding Fall 2010

    Aruba Aruba Aruba!

    #1! The weather is awesome. It barely rains, and when it does, it is usually at night. Aruba has awesome tradewinds that keep you nice and cool in the hot weather.
    #2 It is VERY safe, so your guests can venture off the resort and see all the sights and be rest assured of their safety.
    #3 The drinking water is perfectly safe, so you won't have to worry about any of your guests getting sick.
    #4 The people are GREAT!
    #5 Aruba has some fantastic restaurants with great food!

    I know that the Bucuti Beach Resort does a lot of destination weddings. I will post a link to their site. I actually looked at it, but was quickly told no by my family, lol.

    You need to make a decision soon though, because depending on who you are inviting people need to start thinking about vacation time, expenses, ect.

    Aruba is seriously awesome. I have never been to the Bahamas, but I can tell you, your guests WILL NOT be disappointed!

    There is a woman on these boards, called Kargiver who stayed at the Bucuti for her honeymoon, and loved it. Hopefully she will see this thread and give you mroe feedback on the resort. They get wonderful reviews on Tripadvisor.

    GOOD LUCK. Let me know if you want any more feed back on the island. I can give you my email address.

    Also, there is an all-inclusive resort right next door to the Bucuti called the Divi Aruba All-Inclusive, that some of your guests could stay at, in case the Bucuti is too expensive. I have stayed at the Divi, and LOVED IT!
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    Re: Destination Wedding Fall 2010

    Liz (Sept) alerted me to your dilema over in Confidential Chatters as she knows I'm a HUGE fan of Aruba, too!  And, the Bucuti Hotel there on Eagle Beach (private beach area).

    I can't add much except agreement with Liz, but I will say one thing.  We honeymooned in November, and we picked Aruba because it is much closer to the equator than the Bahamas.  The late Fall can be cooler in the Bahamas, 70s.  70s is nice for a hike, but not for the beach IMO.  And, the gentle (sometimes stiff!) trade winds in Aruba make the heat comfortable even for your DH.

    The Bucuti isn't a "luxury" hotel, but the rooms are more than comfortable, the staff is awesome, and, of course, it has a perfect private beach.  I enjoyed the hotel's restaurant on the beach (seats are inside, outside on deck, and directly on beach with private huts).  The Bucuti has a "Happy Honeymoon Package" that includes one 5 course meal with champagne on the beach in a private shelter.  It was the most romantic times of our lives.  Check out that package online.

    Best to you!


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    Re: Destination Wedding Fall 2010

    Thanks, Kar :)
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    Re: Destination Wedding Fall 2010

    There is a place in Freeport, Bahamas called Our Lucaya Beach Resort that's really gorgeous. I was there about 5 years ago (we actually stayed in an awful hotel down the road, but went to the beach at Our Lucaya) , and saw them preparing for a wedding. Not sure how much else there is to do in the Bahamas though.