Plymouth venue on a budget

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    Plymouth venue on a budget

    My sis-in-law to-be is starting to plan their very big wedding (200-250) and they are working with a small budget (wanting to stick around 20K if they can).

    You all have been so helpful to me, that I thought I would try to help her out and post.  I have no idea because we did North and very small.
    They are thinking Plymouth/Cape area and know that they will need to give up a lot - most important to them is having everyone there. 

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    Re: Plymouth venue on a budget

    boston, here are a few ideas.  And, for comparison, we spent about $18k total, and had 80 people at the Wayside Inn for dinner and full open bar.

    morning wedding with brunch reception would be a LOT cheaper than dinner and drinks right off the bat. 

    wedding party gifts are expensive...$50 each?  If each of them has 4 attendants, that's $400 - $500 right there.  MOH and Best Man only would cut that.

    Of course, the DIY gals would be able to weigh in on all the place card, wedding invites, etc., things they can do.

    GL to them - they can definitely pull it together for their budget especially if they know they can't have it at the BHH. ;)

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    Re: Plymouth venue on a budget

    We are having 225-ish at The Flying Bridge in Falmouth.  We decided on a day reception (12 - 5pm) because they don't charge a site fee($2,000).  We are also doing the Gold Reception, which is station-style dining, for $55 per person.  She might have trouble staying under $20k for everything but it's worth looking into.  They also have a sister restaurant, The Coonamesset Inn, in Falmouth which holds up to 300.

    Also, I would check out Weddings on Cape Cod.  I started my search on that website and I found it very helpful. 

    Best of luck to your sister!!
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    Re: Plymouth venue on a budget

    If I remember right the Plymouth Yacht Club was pretty reasonable for a venue.