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small south shore venue

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    small south shore venue


    I am looking for a small venue on the south shore to host my parents anniversary party. It will be about 75 people, passed & stationary food, bar. I've looked at the Hingham Community Center and am interested in the Lightkeeper's House in Cohasset. Does anyone know the price of rental of the Lightkeeper's House? 

    Any other suggestions for small venues with charm on the South Shore?

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    Re: small south shore venue

    My friend got married at the light keepers house and it was a 80 person wedding, worked out great. They had a residence discount so only paid a few hundred I believe.   It was a great way to do a wedding on the cheap because they picked their caterer and didn't have a minimum spending that you'd have with a restaurant.  Not sure of your budget, but the Atlantica is also nice or the Barker tavern. Solstice in Kingston is wonderful,but would prob. be pricey.  Tosca in Hingham is nice too, modern like Solstice.  
        I'd call and find out about the Lightkeeper's residence pricing.  If there is a high cost up front, it may be worth it since you can get appetizers catered and bring in your own alcohol which will be very cheap.    Great spot for photos and good parking as well. 
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    Re: small south shore venue

    My DH and I looked into the Lightkeeper's House for our wedding, but it ended up being too small a venue for us.  We are not residents, so it would have cost about $900 for the rental.

    Like ajuly said, Solstice is really nice and the food is great, but their portions are tiny.  DH and I go there a lot because we love the food, but we're always hungry afterwards.  Very expensive, too.

    Are you looking more towards using a restaurant, or do you want to use your own caterer?
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    Re: small south shore venue

    I don't remember the exact amount but we held my cousin's bridal shower at the Lightkeeper's Residence and it ended up being pretty costly - like a few thousand dollars if I recall.  While you can bring in your own wine etc. (which saves money), you need to get a caterer and someone with a liquor license to serve alcohol, which is what made it add up.  It's a beautiful place but it did end up costing quite a bit. 

    I'm not sure if it's big enough but we've had several events at what is now the Scarlett Oak Tavern (used to be Siros and then something else).  They have been great.  There is a very pretty upstairs and it was reasonably priced. 

    My bridal shower was at the Hatherly Country Club, which is beautiful.  We had an "in" which made it work.  Not sure if you need to know a member to have it there.

    Barker Tavern is also always nice.  There's also the Fairview and Ember in Marshfield.  My family loves Solstice, though I've never been.