I wanted to keep my venue review separate from the vendors because I have mixed feeling about the place we had our wedding at. 
We had our wedding ceremony and reception at The Three Chimneys Inn - Durham, NH.

This inn is located in the tiny town where UNH resides, just a few miles from Portsmouth, NH.  Initially we were looking to have our wedding in a historic home in Portsmouth, but they don't allow you in the homes, so that was out.  We really didn't want to get married in the town where we went to college, on homecoming weekend....but in the end, it was really perfect. 
The outdoor setting is BEAUTIFUL!  The garden is placed perfectly in the trees with a backdrop of the Inn.  The whole image says cozy - which we really wanted!  I will say that if it rains, the indoor option is not nearly as good.  In fact I pictured myself crynig if it were to rain - but luckily I did enough praying. 
The cocktail hour was also held outside on a patio which was very nice and we were able to go and take photos down by the river behind the Inn. 
Inside it is decorated with that cozy, new england feel.  There are a few animal heads hanging up that I could have done without, but they weren't in the reception area so that was good.  They had the fireplace on in the dining room and the backdoor open to allow people to go and get some fresh air outside....this part was perfect! 

Good food was our top priority and this place delivered.  We had been there many times for dinner or lunch and the food is just divine.  This was the case on the wedding night as well.  Guests came up to us all night and are still calling to tell us how good the food was.  Even the vendors told us that this was some of the best food they had had at a wedding.  As foodies this was music to our ears! 
The bonus was that the package included soup, salad, dinner and champagne toast for less than $50/person (before tax/tip of course).  I think that is the benefit of being in NH!

When we first met with the wedding coordinator, we loved her and this was a huge reason that we ended up selecting the Three Chimneys.  However after meeting with her and booking the place - I set up our first "meeting."  I received a phone call letting me know that this woman no longer worked there and we would now be working with E.  I was disappointed, but of course realized that these things happen.  I was more upset that we were not informed that she had left prior to calling to set up the meeting.  The worst was that when we went for the meeting with E the original woman was there and totally ignored us!  I was really annoyed but let it pass.  I was not as happy with this second woman, she was constantly loosing information and did not keep on top of the changes we were making, which I had to point out constantly.  
For our final "details" meeting I was told that we would once again have out coordinator changed.  Now, while I wasn't very fond of her, I wasn't about to re-explain everything to a new person the month before!  I had really had it and it seemed that it could not be changed, but when DH called, they changed things right away and we were able to stay with "E." 
It was lucky that I hired John Scuto and Cathy for the ceremony because they kept everything organized and on time - this woman would not have been able to do that.  
The other piece was that the woman who was in charge of the servers yelled at me on the night of the wedding while we were waiting to be announced!  This is supposed to be MY day and you are going to yell at me?  Even at a store, the customer is always right.  She claimed that I did not save spots for my wedding party (not all were sitting at head table) and stated "well, YOU were the one that labeled all the place cards and YOU labeled them wrong. It's not our fault."  (I am still fuming over this) She made me go in to see for myself and as it turns out everything was fine.....the people at the table were the BMs and GMs guests.....we only had 5 people to fit into those 2 tables......SO MAD!  she apologized all night after that. 
The bartender and wait staff were fabulous!   We had some unique details that I don't think this venue had had before and they handled it well.  We asked for a signature drink (Pomegranate Margarita) and they were delicious.  They even posted a sign for them at the cocktail hour which I had meant to make but never did.  The wait staff was on top of things all night.  I barely noticed them.  They were in and out bringing food right on time.  At one point, my MoH went to refill the candy bar, as soon as they saw her doing this, they took over and were on top of it the rest of the night.  The jars never looked empty even though people were getting candy all night!  A great job to them despite what I felt was a poor management team.