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Wedding Review: 06/06/09

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    Wedding Review: 06/06/09

    I received so much help from you all during the wedding planning process that I must share my experience... even if it's a bit late.

    We were lucky to have one of only a few sunny days in June this year, which was fantastic because we had everything outdoors. I can't get over how smoothly everything went -- and the main reason for that is awesome vendors and a really helpful family.

    I'll start with the venue:

    The Bradley Estate in Canton, MA - A

    I made a lot of my decisions about my wedding based on emotional response -- and I teared up when I first walked into the backyard of this place; it is stunnng. It has 90 acres of protected land and a beautiful brick mansion. Beverly Ann Bonner is the coordinator there and is really on top of things. She answered every question and her day-of coordinators made everything seamless. One neat perk is that you can get ready in a bedroom upstairs overlooking the backyard the day of the wedding and watch all of your guests file in. The only reason it did not get an "A+++" was because it only holds 150 people (and that's for an outside wedding) and all tented receptions must end at 10pm, but both of these are most likely due to the fact that The Bradley Estate has strict rules because it is run by The Trustees of the Reservation (a really cool non-profit).

    Photographer - Kjeldm Photography: A+++

    If you want an amazingly talented, hard-working and creative photographer, Kjeld (pronounced "kel") Mahoney is your guy. We were lucky to have Kjeld and his wife Melissa both work on our wedding day and they were not only incredibly nice and friendly, but they were incredibly efficient as well. We opted to take our couples photos before the ceremony and they made that moment special -- they also caught many candid moments throughout the ceremony and reception and produced a wide variety of photos for us. I can't even imagine how many hours Kjeld put into the post-production of the photos: he had some up on Facebook the night of the wedding, then a whole set a week later, the slideshow was a month later and all the proofs were online shortly after that. The photos speak for themselves; here's a link to a slideshow Kjeld put together of our wedding day:  

    Food - Crazy Chefs out of Easton, MA: A

    My family used Crazy Chefs back in 2005 for my sister's wedding and we were really happy with them then, so decided to use them again for my wedding. My coordinator Rachael Gross, who no longer works there because she now has her own event company, was fantastic. She referred to herself as OCD, and she was -- but in a good way. She had every detail figured out and was great with working on the menu and details with us. I (along with my father, sister and one oter guest) have a gluten intolerance, so she and the chefs made sure the food would be safe for me to eat (as well as delicious). All of the servers were extremely pleasant and our day-of coordinator was amazing (though I forget her name at this moment). We had a raw bar as an appetizer and they used their signature "boat" with the name of my husband and I painted on it: just one of many great details! Overall: great food and amazing customer service.  

    DJ - Brett Heeney of Crackerjack Entertainment: A+

    Brett is super on top of things which was key because I am somewhat laid back. He had me fill out a multi-page questionnaire before we met and then we went through every last detail. It was kind of complicated because my father and I had a non-traditional dance, a slide-show was shown, and a couple of my friends had a singing/comedic routine they performed. And they were all huge hits. Brett kept it light, kept the music going, kept people on the dance floor and kept everything well organized. Honestly, without him I think all of the special events planned during the reception would have been a disaster. Instead, it was the most fun I've ever had.

    Ceremony Music - International String Trio w/Slava Tolsky - A

    Beautiful is the first word that comes to mind with this group. I was debating on whether or not to have live music during the ceremony, and I'm really glad I did. The trio added such beautiful music to the scene that I can't imagine the ceremony without them. Their website is great and has quite a few clips to listen to so you can get a feel for their music and they can do pretty much anything. They played mostly classical during the ceremony and bluegrass, klezmer, and more upbeat music during the cocktail hour. Perhaps the most special moment of the entire day was when our friend Megan sang "Feels Like Home" during the ceremony with the trio playing behind her; I really had to work hard not to ball my eyes our during that moment.  

    Flowers - Darcy Pfeifer - A+

    Darcy is amazing. I knew when I first met her that I was in good hands. She does flower arranging as a side job, but she is incredibly talented and knowledgable. I don't know the first thing about flowers, so with her guidance we decided upon some beautiful combinations that fit in my budget. They all looked stunning. 

    Cake - Celia Cakes out of Arlington, MA - A+ 

    Like I noted in my food review, I'm gluten intolerant so I thought that finding a wedding cake would be hard. Fortunately, it was not. And! It was quite possibly the best cake I've ever eaten. We opted for a small three tiered gluten-free wedding cake and a family friend made cupcakes for the rest of the crowd. I did not feel deprived at all; it was a red velvet cake with buttercream frosting and it was amazing. My husband and I... feeling as though we perhaps didn't get enough cake during the event, brought it back to our hotel room and shared quite a bit that night. It was so. darn. good. 

    Dress - Vows in Newton, MA - B+ 

    This is actually the only dress shop I went to. Luckily, I found the dress I wanted in the first try. Why only a B+ then? Only because it's not really the experience you'd expect at a bridal shop: no special attention, no pretty dressing rooms, and not a huge selection of gowns. But! Everything's discounted, so I'm guessing that's where they cut their costs.

    Overall, the day was everything I had hoped for. And then some. Thanks ladies for all of your great advice throughout the whole process!
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    Re: Wedding Review: 06/06/09

    Congrats, outsidebride!  I watched your wedding slideshow and WOW, what a beautiful wedding!  Beautiful venue and you guys looked so happy!  I'm really happy for you!

    I was surprised to see video along with your photos.  Did Kjeld also video tape it?  I'm looking for a photographer, so any other feedback on him would be great!  Was he super expensive?  We're on a budget, but so far I'm very impressed!
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    Re: Wedding Review: 06/06/09

    the slideshow/video looks like it really captured the feeling of the day.  The place is beautiful!!!  I love the shots with the llama -haha
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    Re: Wedding Review: 06/06/09

    beautiful wedding!  I LOVE your dress and looks like you had gorgeous weather too!

    We also used the International String Trio.  Their music is really beautiful.  :)
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    Re: Wedding Review: 06/06/09

    Congratulations!  Ditto on the slideshow - gorgeous!  I also love the rings you chose.  Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Wedding Review: 06/06/09

    Love that you had Kjeld and Melissa - so do I!!!  We had our engagement shots a month or so ago and we got them back last week.. Love them!!!  we are sooooo excited to use them and I'm sooo happy that you gave them an A++++  Woo Hoo!!!  congrats!!!  I also would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
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    Re: Wedding Review: 06/06/09

    I just realized that I've seen your video.. and you were the one with the awesome father-daughter dance too!  We saw your stuff the day we booked them I think!!!  Beautiful.. loved it!!
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    Re: Wedding Review: 06/06/09

    I was a Bradley Bride too! My wedding was about a month ago, so I really enjoyed watching your slideshow. Absolutely beautiful!
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    Re: Wedding Review: 06/06/09

    Thanks all!

    Trex: he did take a little video as well. I'm not sure that he normally does that, but I work in TV -- so he knew that was important to me and I really appreciate that he took that extra effort. He recorded the father/daughter dance and posted it to youtube if anyone cares to watch it (warning: it's VERY non-traditional):

    Also, I'm not positive, but I think they were around $5600.

    Boston -- I'm obsessed with the llama photos too! They were so curious with all the people around; it was great.

    Jasmine -- aren't they amazing? They were true professionals the day of the wedding.

    Thanks Poppy! I was really surprised that my husband chose such a unique ring. I thought for sure he'd go with a simple band.

    That's awesome JanBride! Photos were so important to me and I was so happy with Kjeld and Melissa. They will do a great job for you I am sure.

    That's awesome Happy! I've never met another bride from there; the place still seems like a hidden gem. I'd love to see your photos -- are they posted anywhere?