Willowdale Estate Bride To Be

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    Willowdale Estate Bride To Be

    I'm getting married in 2011 and would like to have the ceremony and reception at Willowdale Estate.  I'm wondering if anyone can give me feedback as to whether I'm making the right decision.  Also, I'm not sure what time of year I want to get married and was wondering if anyone has had a fall or winter wedding at Willowdale and what they thought of it.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Re: Willowdale Estate Bride To Be

    Hi Luscious,

    I posted my review about the Willowdale, and I can honestly say I have no negatives.  Mine was a spring wedding, but I would assume the fall would be just the same.

    They have heaters, sides on the tent, etc so when it gets chilly they can keep the tent warm.  Winter, I do not know - I think it would be very intimate and private.  I think you have to know how many people you  want to invite and that will tell you either Fall or Winter as in the winter the tent is down.

    I guess I have been there in the fall and winter - normally in winter it is covered in snow - beautiful! I could just imagine loads of candle light, making it soft and romantic - it would be amazing.

    And then in the fall, the trees are just great! the colors would just pop; and the fall smells - it would be simply wonderful.

    Sorry I am no help!

    (ETA - I loved the Willowdale so I am biased!)