In Response to Re: 11/22/2011 FINGERGATE:
After our exchange on Friday, it was important to me to do what I could to help MP feel welcome and not "Threatened" at the event. I feel pretty foolish, but when last night I logged on to a discussion about him being maliciously gouged in the forehead in an "Assault", I vehemently came to his defense. I thought it was an entirely different incident from what really occured. What really occured(to my understand, MP may have a different view) was a well-intentioned, matronly, and playful, "scolding" for him being a "bad boy". From what I understand, he was humble and polite in response. So, I feel foolish, I look foolish, and shame on me for jumping headfirst into the "Drama". It would mean a lot for me, if some of parties involved blowing this thing out of the water could acknowledge that it was drama created for the sake of creating drama, but I won't hold my breath. This is Love Letters after all. Whatever, I still love you guys. Have fun with this post all you want.
Posted by kaptainfriday

Now look who's being a drama clown ;)