2010: Your year in review

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    Re: 2010: Your year in review

    I've been very hesitant to post in this thread, as I honestly cannot think of a "best" and "worst" that even begins to compare what many of you have had for highs and lows in your lives this year. 

    The worst is probably losing one of my cats very suddenly because of a misdiagnosis from my long-time (and probably now former) veterinarian's office.  This happened at the exact same time that my (former) best friend ended our friendship with some beyond-repair hurtful words to me.  Let's just say the beginning of August wasn't a good time for me.

    The best?  I hate to say it but I don't have a "best" for myself, other than I'm glad I still have my job and I'm (relatively) healthy.  :-)  But I'm also glad Mom's still with us and healthy at 80; I'm happy to see my sister and BIL successfully building their cabin in Maine and that my nephew in CA is growing into a cool kid.

    I do hope my "best" is going to be in 2011 in that I find the right place to live and I get to join those of you in home ownership (although some might say I'm crazy for doing this at my age!).  Fingers crossed it comes along.
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    Re: 2010: Your year in review

    Good luck with the CT, Sandwich. I hate hate hate waiting for test results, but sometimes it's just the way things have to go. The high-risk stuff is just something I have to live with; I don't dwell on it, TG.
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    Re: 2010: Your year in review

    for me 2010 hasn't had any major ups or downs. I haven't met anyone to love but then I haven't been looking. I haven't lost anyone in my life either. It's probably been my best year since 1994 (now THAT was a pretty good year for me). It's been my best year financially since 1983 (I'd say that was my alltime best year financially). I enjoy fairly good health. My family is all generally healthy. I've done a bit of travelling. I'd have to say the worst thing that's happened to me has been a bit of car trouble lately.

    I've had some VERY bad years in the past and some fairly good ones. While 2010 won't rank in the 10 best years of my life it's been pretty good to me so far.