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    My mother had the very slow kind of dementia that was hard to detect early. She started making poor decisions but you really couldn't put a finger on what was wrong.

    Dementa is very hard to diagnose because people can have all sorts of temporary symptoms from something as simple as a UTI or a drug reaction.

    We have no direct experience with rapid onset dementia but know people who have. Off the top of my head, immediate medical and possibly legal action needed...the earlier you get a team in place the better. Legal action, even calling the police, is sometimes needed to establish a pattern for custody. There are people trained to help with this and there are safe facilities available.

    Hope this helps. Gotta run, sorry. Will be back later.
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    Re: Dementia......

    Thanks - GMV - I appreciate you sharing. How did your mother handle it? Was she aware of the condition?

    My grandfather is very quickly losing it. I don't think he has long left, but he's starting to confuse everything and everyone. Short term memory is good, long term memories are melting.

    I just don't know what's better - should I correct him? Or indulge in his new reality?

    The last thing I want is for him to experience any pain or fear.
    When he leaves this world, I want him to be in a place of love and peace.

    He asked me why everyone kept telling him they were somebody else. All I could say was, I don't know, but they're all here because they love you and isn't that what counts?

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    Re: Dementia......

    Just a few things that come to mind --

    it's been very hot - think dehydration
    medication interactions - is she on a lot of meds?
    medication side effects - any new meds?
    possible stroke or TIA?
    any major change in her daily routine lately? 

    definitely get it checked out - it's a warning sign that shouldn't be ignored.
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    Re: Dementia......


    I wasn't around much last week, so I'm just reading this now.  Definitely get him checked out, and consult with elder services to figure out how to protect and care your grandfather.  It can be difficult, depending on his temperment.  I hope for your sake he's agreeable and that your family supports each other.
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    Re: Dementia......

    There's another whole thread that Dimmy started called something like Caring for Loved Ones to which we all moved FYI....good, long discussion.