Reading today's 'Johhny has two mommies and four dads' started me thinking about my own family. Growing up, I had a 'father' and a 'step father', and after my mom divorced my stepfather and remarried, I added a third father to my list of parents. The story got more interesting when before I went off to school, I found out that my first father was not my actual father and that I had a biological father I'd never met.

While today's article about parenting looked more at parenting, I am interested in talking with people who have a similar experience to mine for an ongoing story project. For anyone who has searched for and found, or not found, a biological parent, I'd love to hear your story. The good, the bad and the ugly, I'm interested in it all. As families play such an important role in shaping who we are, I'd love to get your thoughts. Feel free to email me at