Ideas for those who will be alone on Thanksgiving

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    Re: Ideas for those who will be alone on Thanksgiving

    Nope, I am somewhat better today.  My lovely Dr. got me coffee and Powerade, and brought me home leftovers from his sister's house.  :)
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    Re: Ideas for those who will be alone on Thanksgiving

    facedown sick in bed is better than Black Friday shopping!
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    Re: Ideas for those who will be alone on Thanksgiving

    T-Giving in Somerville with our friends turned out quite nicely, although thanks to our TomTom going t!ts-up some time back (screen now completely white, no idea why or how this happened), we got a little turned around with the directions from Google Maps, wandering around Medford for a bit before we found the right way (thanks to Mrs. Wolfie's new smartphone).  Our contribution included a salad, a pumpkin pie purchased from Market Basket, a pear pie that my wife made (delicious!) and a bottle of red wine.  I did rather overindulge, though - not unusual - and so have eaten almost nothing today.  And doing more turkey and trimmings tomorrow with my folks in Maine - the pie plan changed, however; no pumpkin or apple this year, but a chess pie (kind of a Southern thing, but a longtime favourite of mine, and a recipe that my mom got from her mother-in-law - Goddess rest your soul, Grandma, she left us 16 years ago this December).

    Christmas we're spending at home in Salem this year; last year, went to the folks' house, my brother, SIL and the nieces and nephew all present, as well as my aunt (Mom's sister, drives everyone to distraction with her neuroses), and wound up with something that felt like the plague for most of the winter - GAH!  I'd rather not be sick the whole season this year, thank you.  But in my family, the traditional meal is always beef, be it prime rib or pot roast, and sometimes roast lamb (thanks, WillD, for reminding me of that), pan-roasted potatoes, salad and green beans, and some kind of amazing dessert.  I seem to recall Thanksgiving turkeys of my childhood lasting most of December, to the point that we were all completely sick of turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie (my mom's favourite solution for the leftovers), turkey tetrazzini, turkey surprise...oy.  So I never could understand people who insisted upon doing turkey for both holidays.  Oh yes, and at dessert, my folks always break out the Christmas crackers, which has made me realise just how much of the old British/Celtic/Northern European traditions have remained alive in my family.

    There's also the chance that my wife and I may attempt another Yule/Midwinter party at our place involving tree-trimming and such; stay tuned... :-)

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    Re: Ideas for those who will be alone on Thanksgiving

    In Response to Re: Ideas for those who will be alone on Thanksgiving:
    I don't see why people think being alone on a holiday is such a bad thing. I actually prefer it. It's long been a tradition of mine to visit some certain friends for pie & coffee on Thanksgiving afternoon - after the big meal. I've been doing this for 30 something years. (except if I'm away like this year) After my divorce I spent the next couple Thankgivings having dinner at their house with their various children, their spouces and the brood of grandchilren. I can't tell you how miserable it was to be at the "Walton's Family Thanksgiving". All those people. It was such a hassle. I much prefer just enjoying a glass of eggnog & watching the Macy's parade in the privacy of my own livingroom, by myself. I am thankfull for the solitude - peace and quiet. I don't bother creating any elaborate meal. So many people have complained to me about having to go over to such&such a relative for the holidays, how much they are dreading it, how much they hate various members of their family. I always say "Then why are you going?". If you hate it then the answer is simple - don't go!!  I'm not here to appease the people who happen to have the same genetics as I. The only family that matters to me is my wife & kids. The rest of them can go take a flying leap of they don't like the way I do things. Many people enjoy the comraderie of their family at the holidays. If you like it that's great! Go to it and have fun. But if you're going to complain about having to visit mom&dad and all the siblings then just stay home and make your own traditions. If it's not gonna be fun don't do it.
    Posted by WillDeerborn-of-Gilead

    I agree with you. I stayed home this year, had my homemade cranberry sauce, a roasted red onion casserole and a veggie burger.