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LL Date Ideas

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    LL Date Ideas

    In chat today I asked for some date ideas (summer AND winter), so I'm just throwing what people said in here so it's in an easy place for others to refer to.  Also, maybe other people have more ideas or can add specifics to the stuff listed below?

    I've gotten into a bit of a routine with just getting DVDs from the library (free) or taking walks (also free), and maybe other people have, also.  Hope this helps someone.
    • Seeing movies in non-movie-theater places. Like a museum. Or the NEAq.
    • Classes (cooking, dance).
    • Day trips, beach walks, etc.
    • Cheap theater productions (maybe Emerson/smaller theaters)
    • Farmers markets
    • Harvard Film Archive often has directors/speakers in town for movies.
    • Drive-in theaters within an hour from Boston.
    • Gondolas on the river over by Cambrideside Galleria
    • Waterfire in Providence in the summer
    • Meredith likes to tour bars with fireplaces in winter
    • Check out Courtney Hollands's "What to do over the weekend" chat (11 AM Thursdays) or the Go To It blog
    • Suffolk Downs Clubhouse
    • 1$ tapas at Masa, if they still do it
    • Firing ranges (Alice's suggestion!)
    • Weekend day trips to the Cape/Newport/Rockport (even in winter)
    • Hatch Shell summer concerts/walk on the Charles afterward
    • Dinner in Beacon Hill (cobblestones, outdoor seating...)
    • Bowling, skee ball
    • Movies in the park
    • Check out,, always have some great deals like skydiving, ferry rides, sailing trips
    • State parks for hiking/picnicing
    • Squirrel hunting (whoops, that might have been a private date between Alice and PowerCord)
    • Bring your bikes down to the new bike path in Falmouth and picnic on the beach along the way!
    • The Poor Man's Cruise: taking the MBTA ferry from Boston to Quincy and back.
    • Block Island
    • Point Judith ferry
    • The mail boat at Casco Bay is a 3 hr journey stopping at each island. ..$10!
    • Mini golf
    • Yard House at Legacy Place in Dedham for beer drinkers
    • Blues music at the Next Page in Weymouth
    • Indoor (or outdoor) rock climbing

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    Re: LL Date Ideas

    I believe the Institute of Contemporary Art down on the waterfront still has free general admission on Thursdays.  It's a great location for winter or summer.
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    Re: LL Date Ideas

    Are we just doing cheapish date ideas?  I mean, that works for me; I'm not exactly rolling in dough!

    Walking down Newbury Street
    Walking along the downtown waterfront
    PawSox or Lowell Spinners games (if you can get to Pawtucket or Lowell)
    Somerville Theater (for live entertainment or movies)

    In the fall: Apple picking!!

    Also, I suggested the MBTA ferry idea, and I meant to say "Poor Man's Cruise," not ferry />.< I got mixed up!
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    Re: LL Date Ideas

    Any date ideas would be great!  Doesn't necessarily have to be cheap.  Thank you!!

    Here's another one that I've actually done and enjoyed:  kayaking (or canoeing) on the Charles River.  For a 2-person kayak, it runs about $18 an hour.  They also have paddleboats.
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    Re: LL Date Ideas

    Beautiful free places to a walk, take pics, etc.:

    Larz Anderson Park in Brookline  (picnics are ok here) -- you can see the Boston skyline from the top of the hill.

    ALSO, for car enthusiasts, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum is wonderful.  They have lawn events all summer with special cars featured on various dates.  You can look it up online to see how they run the events.   Not free, but reasonable.

    Arnold Arboretum in JP - always a nice place to take a walk

    Mount Auburn Cemetary in Cambridge -- also free.   It's a historic site, landscaped grounds.  Totally amazing.

    thanks, tatertot.   nice idea! 
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    Re: LL Date Ideas

    Free Friday Flicks at the Hatch Shell!  They've got a great schedule lined up this year.

    I'm sorry, but a Grease sing-a-long is kind of awesome.