Miss Advised

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    Miss Advised

    Miss Advised
    Anyone else look at this?

    This has to be a mix of the most ridiculous and most hilarious mess of dating advice I've seen.
    1.  Check out #5, which contains this chestnut:  "Just don’t initiate a text or a call ever".  As a guy, that'd be one way to drive me off.  You're never going to call me, ever, unless you're returning my call?  Way to treat someone well.

    2.  #6:  "If ... he’s not planning head and dinners are turning into a quick drink at the local bar, you need to re-evaluate and weed out who is going to be a waste of time." (emphasis mine).  So, I guess not planning head was where I went wrong all those years....  Or maybe the Globe just needs some editors that can read.

    3.  #9 says "Don't have sex too soon".  #11 has a photo with the *ahem* "lady" apparently showing off just what kind of positions she can do.  Maybe that's OK, as long as you don't do them too soon?

    Definitely mis-advised.

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