My Very Own Caption Thread

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    Re: My Very Own Caption Thread

    "Live long and ... what did you say?"
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    Re: My Very Own Caption Thread


    Good afternoon

    No one is more pro-Johnnie around here than I am. You know that, right?

    To that end, my dialogue yesterday was meant to expose the conspiracy going on among the judges who collude every week to deprive Johnnie of the first place prize and the glory that goes with it

    The depiction of each judge as a despicable plotter, openly scheming to defraud Johnnie out of his winnings....And their hysterical/maniacal laughter at the end (the HAHAHA's) is all intended to highlight their sickening machinations

    I want my readers to be disgusted by it. These judges are not good people

    You understand this, right?

    As for Johnnie ignoring me, it's true. But doesnt he ignore everyone in this thread? Has he had even one genuine exchange with anybody here? I'm starting to think Johnnie suffers from a mild form of autism or something

    He only seems interested in one thing: posting an award winning caption. Interacting with the rest of us meanwhile is low priority (ie, no priority)

    In a way I kinda admnire his singleminded/tunnel vision approach to message boarding, dont you?

    PS Yes, William did help me with the dialogue yesterday. We collaborate on everything, not just Freaky Biv songs. You know what those are, right?

    Btw, did you vote in the Sexiest Man on the Planet poll?

    You better have...