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    About 75 percent failure to successfully post a message

    Dear Dottie,

    When the "Your Post" box already contains:


    I know that my message won't post successfully.  I try to always hit ctrl-c (copy) after writing so that I don't lose my message, just before sending.  Then I keep pasting the same message and sending until I get a screen that doesn't have the <br/> of death.  Then when I post from this different screen, your software reminds me that I'm leaving the page, do I really want to do this?  I say yes, and it posts.  This only happens an average of 25% of the time.  You're lucky that I'm persistent.  Maybe your ads are interfering somehow? 

    I have been hitting the "edit" button on my last post 20 times today.  So far I never have gotten the message in the box to edit. 

    The reason that I need to edit my post is that I started a discussion and the editing bar (usually? Sometimes?) below the "Your Post" box was gone, so that I couldn't click "insert/edit image" to add a picture. 

    Is it just my computer, or are other users getting frustrated with boston.com also?

    Your ace football prognosticator,

    Paul K

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    Re: About 75 percent failure to successfully post a message

    I get that <br/> in my post box too...like, for instance, when I refresh the page. But it disappears immediately, and it has never interfered with my posting a message

    PS I hope youre not expecting a prompt reply from dottie. She likes taking her time before responding. Sometimes months go by before she replies. If she replies...

    It sounds like I'm kidding, but I'm not

    Go, Pats

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