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    Dole still a loser, Boston.com still sick

    The main and local news pages of Boston.com have hardly changed for about a week, with a stupid story about a has-been loser, Bob Dole, still clinging to the top of the main news page and making the entire site look like a funeral parlor. For most of that time, so-called "news" about the state has been nothing but a collection of recipes. If that's all you can manage, you would do your reputation and pending company sale a favor by taking the site off the air.


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    Globe's vital signs improve

    The open edition of the Globe at boston.com has improved after what should have been an embarassing episode, an abject decline to a fifth-rate site recalling the cheapest supermarket tabloids. Once again there is a healthy balance of news coverage, especially in the subpages: states of New England reached from the Local page and regions reached from the World page.

    Filling New England state pages with basketball scores and filling so-called "Local" news with a collection of recipes has (mostly) gone away. The Globe has popular Sports pages and never should have been cluttering News pages with sports scores. The Doleful image of a has-been loser finally disappeared from the top of the main News page after squatting on the spot for about a week.

    The Globe still lacks anything resembling National news. Both that page and its U.S. subpage remain mostly repetition of New England news. The Globe's image of a Nation seems to have frozen up in the mid-1600s. Its horizons for Local news are even more constipated. Now, as it has for at least the last 80 years, the Globe confines its vision to line-of-sight--stopping at the uplifts of the Hampshire Hills that today are skirted by Interstate 495.

    There is now and there probably always has been almost no news in the Globe about central and western Massachusetts. Our friends who live there return the compliment, regarding the Globe as a foreign newspaper.