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    Having to Re-register

    FWIW:  Just had to completely re-register with all info.  What's up, BDC?  This is the second time I've been asked to login and then not had my info accepted, necessitating going to the register page for new posters and re-entering all my previous info.
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    Re: Having to Re-register

    I've tried reregistering and logging in, and it won't take the new info, either.  If I make the mistake of logging out (or clearing my internet cookies), I can't get back in until BDC randomly accepts my email and password.

    The login software is very broken.  Is it being fixed?
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    Re: Having to Re-register

    Hey tt and kar,

    I've been trying to get answers to this issue since I saw your postings. Tech thinks that the log-in problems started when they instituted a new registration system for the subscription-based BostonGlobe.com. They think they have solved most of the problems, but if you continue to see issues, let us know.

    We're also investigating the disappearance of the "New post" and "Reply to this post" buttons for some people. It's always something ...