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    IPAD Logout Issues


    This is a post from the Patriots forum:

    "Why does my iPad constantly log me off and close out your web page 90% of the time I try to post.  This has been happening for about 2 weeks now and probably has something to do with your ads conflicting with the apple operating system."


    It sounds like several people are having trouble.  Can you post a comment there?  Or here?


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    Re: IPAD Logout Issues

    Folks, the posting issue has been diagnosed by one of our developers. He says there is a conflict between the javascript code in an ad on the page and the tinymce richtext editor (the string of editing tools at the bottom of the comment box).

    He's now trying to pinpoint the conflict in order to resolve it. I'll keep you updated.



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    Re: IPAD Logout Issues


    This thread was originally posted on June 23rd. Today is August 27th

    SIXTY FIVE days went by before you responded

    I suspect the OP not only doent care about this issue anymore, but he probably forgot he even posted the thread in the first place LOL

    Please tell your developer not to bother, okay? He works so hard, I'm sure. There must be another, more urgent conflict for him to pinpoint and resolve around here, isnt there?

    But do keep us updated

    Thank you