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    Stop running this script?

    "A script on this page is causing your browser to run slowly..."

    For a while it was periodic and I thought it was just my laptop telling me that it's getting old. But within the last week or so, it pops up in a window EVERY TIME I go to boston.com. I have never seen it on any other website and now I also see it on my computer at work.
    Am I realy the only one that sees this on boston.com and is annoyed by it?
    What is all the crap that gets loaded on boston.com causing my laptop to come to a halt?
    Does anyone at boston.com read this or care?

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    Re: Stop running this script?

    In Response to Re: Stop running this script?:
    Hi kargiver, I'm aware of an issue where logging in direct through the forums isn't consistently working and we're working to address the issue.  Thank you, Emera emera@boston.com
    Posted by BostonEmera


    I found that if I go right to Register and then log in from that page (instead of choosing Log In from the main page) that it works right away from many browsers (I'm getting used to an iPad and have tried at least 5 uncommon ones).  It doesn't work for everyone that simply, but it's better than not being able to get in at all.