Can the rules be tightened on trolls?  There are many flavors of "trolls" and certainly it is a subjective judgement, but there are those who clearly intend only to annoy people and have no other purpose then to badger the community.

Yes, there is the ignore option, but I have noticed that you cannot ignore threads started by users you choose to ignore.

However, I believe that this virulent type of troll is bad for business as they cause the normal and considerate people to stop reading and contributing out of frustration.

It is a subjective call, but I would like to request that certain users be banned when they are clearly set to antagonize the entire community and when their posts are repetitive in nature.

For example, look at the user 'null' on the Bruins forum who suggests that their is a conspiracy amongst officials to favor the Bruins and repeats this sentiment in virtually every one of his 500+ posts.

This isn't a case of being a social gadfly, but clearly an effort to antagonize the community.

People like that are bad for the community and bad for your business.  The aforementioned example is the only one that currently falls into this category, so I'm not suggesting to ban anyone and everyone who might offend the community.

Thank you for your consideration.