I once said that even before the economic crisis; black people ( me included ) had a much harder time ( next to impossible ) obtaining even the simplest of things in life and society.

An education.
A car ( loan ).
A home ( loan ).
A college degree ( student loan ).
A job.

Pay raises, promotions and the list goes on and on and on.

Imagine me. 

The year is 1988.  Where was I living?  Roxbury, ( Boston )MA.
It took me a month after my first year in high school to get a job through my job counselor. 1989; It took me 2 months. From there I didn't find myself unemployed until quit the previous job in 1992 to focus on college with an intent on getting another job after I've acclimated to my new enviorment.

I spent the better part of four months applying for college loans. All denials.
I spent the better part of four months applying for other jobs. All denials.
Finally I went back to my previous place of employment. Same wage, same work.  Fast forward to today (November 2011) I've spent 7 whole years of my life unemployed; 1995, 1997, 98, 2006, 2007, 08, 09, and all of last year.

What do I have to show for myself? 
No job. No college degree. No bank account.

Now think of an average white kid from Newburyport. Wellesley, Winchester, Springfield, Pittsfield, Gardner, North Adams, Leominster, Fall River or Barnstable.

What is the liklihood that he, she or any random white kid from those areas of Massachusetts has gone through the same ( or worse ) personal economic and social hardships as I have?

I'll tell you how likely.

0.00% = 0

( In other words. Zero. )

What is my point?   Massachusetts like all of New England from the top of Maine, all the way down through Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida inherently skew the financial, social and economic opportunities.  

It makes no difference whether it's intentional or not. 
The fact is; that it is that way. 
Occupy Wall Street and the often times violent protests ( perpetrated mainly by upper middle income twenty-something white kids who can easily go back to their pampered lives and families ) have the right idea but are executing it in the wrong fashion. 

A great opportunity for real change; wasted. 

That is the real shame.  Almost a crime against societal evolution.