In Response to Advice for the Class of 2009:
What advice would you give to the class of 2009?
Posted by BostonDotCom

1.  Lose your extreme sense of entitlement.  You have it because your elders were hippies.  They decided that it is wrong to discipline children, to teach spelling, to teach grammar.  When they taught you, your parents could always yell at the teacher and threaten to sue, forcing your grades to go up.  The world is not like that.  The world does not care about you.  It is cruel and random.  Get used to it.

2.  Stop talking loudly everywhere you go.  Nobody else cares about you, your conversation, or your petty problems.  They would probably cane you if this was 150 years ago, and you would deserve it.  Unfortunately the "hippies" referred to in #1 passed laws preventing this.

3.  Do not send naked pictures of yourself to strangers.  This is beyond idiotic.